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Altis Life - Battle Of The Best III - Server Event

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John    164

Battle Of The Best III


The Altis Life Senior Staff team will be hosting a Team Deathmatch event on Sunday 22nd December, 2019. Battle of the best is a tournament where different teams will fight to see who is the best. Fights will happen between teams of six with equal equipment supplied by staff at Ghost Hotel.

How It Works:
Infantry only, one team will be spawned on the east of Ghost Hotel and the second on the west (with teams switching sides in between), teams will battle it out in a best of 3 format (10 minute rounds) with the winning team progressing. The winners of the event will take 10 million, 10 tokens and some rare weapons, along with event winner TeamSpeak tags. 

On The Day:
All teams must be in Teamspeak 25 minutes before the event starts. Each team will have a sub channel in the Altis Life events area.

Reply to this post with a team name (keep it clean) and a list of player with Steam64 IDs. Members of all factions are welcome. Registration closes at 11:59 PM AEDT on the 20th of December.

Date: 22/12/2019
Time: 5 PM AEDT
Team Size: 6v6 (No Vehicles)
Prizes: 1st: 10 million (each), 10 tokens (each), event winner TeamSpeak tags and high tier weapons. // 2nd: 8 million (each), 6 tokens (each) and a few weapons. // 3rd: 3 million (each), 2 tokens(each)

DISCLAIMER: We require even numbers of teams to run this event. The event will round down to the closest even number if required. All players must connect on civilian to participate in the event. 

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  • Uncle Toby    223

    Team Name - SRT

    UncleToby - 76561198113449842

    Kmart - 76561198440063733

    Holski - 76561198077457911

    JoshieYeezy - 76561198144273408

    †onic - 76561198202441255

    .Sean - 76561198154851163

    -Subs -

    STITCH - 76561198169971606

    Fraz - 76561198156761670

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    PowerAsian    81

    INVICTUS 0.1

    Dizzy - 76561198256912421
    Lurks - 76561198122792144 
    GrimReaper - 76561198211054671 
    Sobek - 76561198810890298
    Rusty - 76561198086600532
    DerpyBird - 76561198088379889

    Corvos - 76561199004269433


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    bouda118    349


    Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been postponed. We will keep you updated with a new date in the near future.

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