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Mr Chu

Rebel Delivery - Altis Life

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Mr Chu    183

Rebel Delivery - Altis Life Event

A special delivery of high grade weapons and supplies will be delivered to a temporary outpost on Altis. Any group that successfully captures and holds the outpost long enough against any opposition will be tasked with transporting it to a designated location.


Key Details

Date: 5th of January

Event Brief: 7:20pm Sydney Time - 1920 AEDT

Event Time: 7:30pm Sydney Time - 1930 AEDT


Prizes / Rewards

The Rebel Gang or player that successfully receives and / or transports the cargo to the designated location will keep what they capture. The delivery will include a number of Tier 4 and 5 Weapons, Gold Bars and Crafting Supplies

Each successful member of the gang will also receive TS Winners Tags.


Additional Rules

- The area surrounding the outpost will be KOS on all parties excluding Medics

- NLR applies. Participants may re-engage (if killed and respawned during outpost capture and hold phase) when the situation moves to delivery

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  • Mr Chu    183

    Thank you to all the turned out tonight. The winner was Luke and the IX Gang who successfully captured and delivered the truck to the Rebels.

    If you have any feedback or event ideas for the future, please reach out to my via discord or forum private messaging.

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