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Incorporating the FOB for side missions

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BigRed    130

I had a few ideas (and had a chat on TS with a few people) about incorporating the FOB into side missions.

2 examples would be a full fledged defend of the FOB, where there could be a timer until the attack starts and then it's on. Another example could be "An AT team has positioned itself overlooking the FOB to take out anyone leaving with a vehicle, search the area, take them out and destroy their missile cache"

I figure it could give the FOB a bit more purpose.

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  • =S.N.A.F.U.=    92

    We used to have the enemy attack the FOB.. And the enemy used to well.. take the fob ?.

    Maybe as a timed structured side mission it would be different though.

    I'd like to see some of the Ironside vehicles spawnable at the fob, adding to it's value & making it more of an issue when it gets hit.

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