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Mr Chu

Community Minigame Night

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Mr Chu    183


Community Minigame Night

The Community Team will be hosting a minigame night on Wednesday the 15th of January during which a number of free to play multiplayer games will be played for a big night of laughs, shits and giggles and immature content! Depending on numbers, concurrent lobbies will be set up and played! Which games (and the number of rounds) played will be up to those who join on the night!

Game List

- Bomb Tag
- Skribble.IO
- Xyzzy (Cards against Humanity)
- Agar.IO
- Spyfall

Key Details

Date: 15th of January

Time: 7:30pm AEDT

Where: TeamSpeak - Community Events Channels


Winners of each game will receive 1 point. Overall winner will receive winners TS tags as well as a mystery prize!


Some content that will be played / used may cause offence to some parties. If you are easily offended, some of these games / this event may not be for you.

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  • Mr Chu    183

    Thanks to all that joined in tonight! If you have any future suggestions for games to play at a similar event, please shoot me a message or speak to a member of the Community Team!

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