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Mr Chu

Prisoner Manhunt - AL Event

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Prisoner Manhunt - AL Event

Wild weather has damaged the exterior walls on the Jail allowing all the prisoners to escape. A bounty has been placed on each prisoner with civilians encouraged to assist with capturing them. Prisoners have been spotted in Sydney still in their prison clothes roaming the city which has been placed on Lockdown. Police want them captured alive and returned to jail for processing.


Key Details

Date: Tuesday 21st of January

Event Brief: 7:30pm Sydney Time - 1930 AEDT

Event will start at the conclusion of the brief


Prizes / Rewards

For each prisoner returned, you will receive the bounty that has been placed on their head.

The players that collect the overall highest 3 bounties will get their choice between a Tier 5 Weapon, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or an additional monetary prize.


Additional Rules

Prisoners must be declared on by a civilian wishing to restrain them.
All escaped prisoners will wear [INMATE] Tags however a declaration does not effect any other prisoner.
Prisoners may choose to comply or run should they feel they can escape successfully.
Should the prisoner run and be killed by a civilian, no bounty will be awarded unless they are revived.

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