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Operation Dark Horse - Non Modded Zeus Event

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Turbanator    40


Operation Dark Horse

Zeus: Turbanator


CSAT forces have successfully invaded the island of Malden. Our objective is to push the enemy out of the island by using CSAT weapons.


- Secure a Tempest carrying an EMP 

- Ambush a CSAT weapon convoy and steal the weapons

- Take out CSAT coastal emplacements 

- Destroy Anti-Air and Heavy Weapon Emplacements

Detailed orders will be given in the briefing

Enemy Forces:

- Light and Medium skinned transport vehicles

- Armed vehicles

- HMG, AT and Mortar emplacements

- Small Arms

Friendly Forces:

- Small Arms

- Offroads

- Zamaks

- AT 4WD

- HMG Offroad



There are no mods required


- CBA_A3

- JSRS Sound Mod

- Blastcore Standalone 

When and Where?

The mission will take place on 25th January at 6:00 AEDT (8:00 NZDT). We encourage players to join the server 15-20 minutes before the mission to prepare kits and/or fix any issues with Battleye

If you have any questions direct them to @Turbanator

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