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Mr Chu

Black Market Shipment

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Black Market Shipment

A shipment of High Grade Black Market Items will be arriving via boat and then escorted to one of the Rebel Outposts on Monday Night. It will be under escort from a contractor outfit and Staff throughout each stage. Any faction or gang may contest and secure the shipment for their own means. 


Key Details

Date: 27th of January

Event Brief: 7:30pm Sydney Time - 1930 AEDT

Delivery Start: 7:40-7:45pm Sydney Time - 1940 - 1945 AEDT



Any party that successfully secures the cargo or any part of the cargo and delivers it to the designated location will keep what they capture. The delivery will include a number of Black Market Weapons and Items.


Additional Rules

NLR does not apply. Participants may re-gear and and re-engage at will. 

All parties participating in the event will be KOS within 1km of the Delivery Vehicle at all times

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