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TSF - Faction Recruitment & operations

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Welcome aboard to "The Salvation Federation"

Our Back-Story

"The Salvation Federation" was co-founded many years ago by an ancient space race (Xak'od) that once lived on titan the moon of what we all call the "Alien planet"

They once lived in small colonies over the surface until one day war broke out (No one is sure with whom/what). Many of the ancient space race died that day and the ones that did live,

fled to neighbouring systems. They traveled 10000s of km's to find safety, they made their way to the out-a system ring called Deep-Space.

This is where we found them drifting in their ships, after weeks of contact we was able to fund this Federation with one goal.

"Take back what is ours and give to the ones that hold no ground"

(The War of the Rebellion: v. 1-53)

About Us

The main core of "The Salvation Federation" is a trading corp, from trading resources to materials to buyers all over the system.

The profit made from our trades are spent to build more trade stations to building more ship, to produce more income.

(En-coded Message)

XYZ % of all profits made are spend in black-book (un-official) activity's all over the system,

this inc Defense systems, security and radar scanning, to collect Intel to then sell to the highest bidder.


Recruitment Info

We are looking for new recruits to join our small but efficient crew, to expand our boarders and our trading corp. 

We have 3 main areas that a member can join, from being a miner to being a captain of a battle ship.

Role Ranks

T.S.F Mining Corp

  • 1. Miner (A person whom job will be to collect/mine ore at xyz locations) - Noob
  • 2. Mining Operations Manager (A person whom job will be to find ore & lead the miners in daily tasks) - Advanced
  • 3. Head Of T.S.F Mining Corp (A person whom job will be to control the ore facilities and keeping a stockpile up to date) - Elite


T.S.F Building Corp

  • 1. Builder (A person whom job will be to build stations/ships) - Basic Builder.
  • 2. Building Operations Manager (A person whom job will be to make sure that the building is done correct) - Experienced Builder.
  • 3. Head Of T.S.F Building Corp (A person whom job will be to control the building sites and keeping stockpiles up to date) - Pro Builder.


T.S.F Federation Fleet.

  • 1. Flight Crew/Engineer (A person whom job will be to repair fatal damages to the Ship/Station and/or control controllable guns ) - Basic Crew Member.
  • 2. Flight Operations  (A person whom job will be fly/operate selected ships from point A - B ) - Experienced Crew Member.
  • 3. Captain (A person whom job will be to control & man their own ship provided by T.S.F) - Elite Crew Member.


If you are interested in joining our federation please send a message to myself via forums/discord message with the following app.

Forums: @DJ_JoozBrorg

Discord: DJ_JoozBrorg#7878


IGN (In-Game Name):
Hours played in Space Engineers (Total):
What area within our corp are you applying for:
Why do you want to join us:


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