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SG - Space engineers - Mod suggestions

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DJ_JoozBrorg    731

Theses are the mods I'd like to suggest and why.


1. - Hydrogen Density 8x - Found Here

Hydrogen Density changes the rate on which Ice is used (Making Ice last longer)



2. - Midspace Clean Crosshair Camera - Found Here

Removes the fuzzy lines when viewing a cam/turret (Making a better view)

Nothing is worst then looking down a cam and only see a 1x1 view.



3. - Azimuth Overclocked Ore Detectors - Found Here

This mod adds better ore detectors giving a max range of 1.5 km's, and tells us what ore it is...
I am always having to get within 30m - 10m from a roid just to see the type of ore thats on it even tho I can see it from 2km away.



4. - More Solar Power [x4] [x8] v2. - Found Here

 More Solar Power adds better solar panels giving x4 and x8 power but also costs alot for x8

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