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Your Name: Archie Poland

Your Age: 16 

Your Steam64 ID: 76561198392193931


Have you ever been banned from a StrayaGaming Service? yes fail dec when I was new 


Why do you want to be a Judge in the Altis Life Judicial Government? [50 words min]

Because I will be something different and I want to see what it's about and what the go is with it as I haven't really seen it used in AL and  looks good plus I have heard what they do and sounds kinda fun.


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I like to play AL a lot I am a cop main and girl like to play sport 

Why can you be trusted with important documents:


You acknowledge that anything you make for the Judicial Government becomes property for StrayaGaming. You also acknowledge that your application my be denied at any stage for any reason.: Y / N


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