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Armando Wolff

Altis Life v11.7

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Armando Wolff    412

Hey everyone,

The Altis Life Development and Senior Staff teams are proud to present our latest iteration of Altis Life, version 11.7. This update draws on feedback we have received from the community and implements a variety of meta changes. Complementing this update are a number of subsequent rules modifications which will be published in a forum post later this evening.


Principle Additions and Changes:

  • A new, third-party robbery has been introduced called Vault Raids which are spread across the map with a variety of rewards on offer. Once a vault raid commences, any party can respond to attempt to steal the rewards for themselves. 
  • Virus USBs have been added as a way to rob a bank without the need for a teller. These items can be found in Drug Shipments, Treasure Wrecks, and in higher quantities from the R&D robbery. Please note that these USB's are not required for vaults (which have no teller already), nor do they work on the Federal Reserve or R&D. They do however increase the reward from applicable banks substantially.
  • Vehicle trunk sizes have been modified with the intention of encouraging roleplay and combat opportunities around ground vehicles, ambushes and checkpoints. Ground based vehicles have seen a capacity buff and aircraft have seen a capacity nerf, to promote their use as rapid transport mechanism and scout. 
  • Cartel Outposts and Licenses have been removed and replaced with Rebel Outposts based on community feedback. North Rebel has been moved to the old Police Ancillary Compound.
  • A new "Safe Zone City" has been introduced, replacing the city limits around Brisbane and Melbourne as a new default safe spawn for new players at the Panagia area. 


  • Gold has been revamped, sporting a new run with a mine and 2 processing steps. This fully legal run rewards larger groups for cooperative, organised runs. 
  • Meth has been introduced as a new, high tier illegal run rewarding large organised groups who can negotiate its complexity. Prospective groups will be required to collect Ephedrine and Phosphorus, process them at the new Chemical Processing and finally cooking it at the Methlab.  
  • CSATs and Level 5 Vests have been from all faction stores and rewards. Existing items will not be removed. 
  • Truck Mission rewards have been increased to encourage their use and reward players willing to stick out the longer missions. 
  • The mission file has been cleaned up, reducing in size despite new content being added. This is inclusive of many basic skins for civilians and rebels, using new techniques to reduce the footprint on the mission file. 
  • The Money Cap has been increased to $100 million.



A message from @Armando Wolff and @James32:

We would like to thank the efforts of the Altis Life Senior Staff Team; @Asnee, @AceWinchester and @Mr Chu for their perseverance and unwavering support with this update, working behind the scenes generating the ideas, troubleshooting bugs, creating scripts/configs and general testing. 


A word from the Altis Life Senior and Management Teams:

Please join us in congratulating and thanking @Armando Wolff for his outstanding contributions to this update, and upon his ascension to Development Team Leader. Armando regularly stayed up until the early hours of the morning, working with James32 and other senior staff to make this update a reality. His energy, enthusiasm and regular consultation with both long-standing members of the community and newer players has enabled him to build a strong vision for the future of the server and deliver this long anticipated update. 

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