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Mr Chu

The Altis Auction - AL Event

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The Altis Auction

The AL Senior Staff Team will be hosting an Auction with items and mysterious boxes up for grabs! The auction may end at any time so if you see something you want, bid for it!


Key Information

When: Friday the 8th of May at 7:30pm AEST (08/05/20)

Where: Sumo Arena / Salt Flats

A Temporary Safe zone will be established within 500m of the Auction House Marker. Any hostile actions taken in this area will be dealt with by staff.

An ATM will also be placed at the Auction Site to allow parties to safely pay staff.


Rules / Rewards

By placing a bid, you must be able to provide the money if successful. If you do not have the full value of the item, it will be deducted from vehicles and gear.

Failing to pay may also result in the previous bidder winning the bid.

Staff will set the starting bid price for each item / lot.

The Bid may end at any time, only the auctioneer will know when it ends.

All server rules and community guidelines apply during the event.

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