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I&A Apex Edition 1.1.8c

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Fitz    1229

This update mainly adds a base air defence upgrade, some small fixes and tweaks, and a handful of new skins from @Bull.

Some changes were also made to the random inventories in vehicles and crates, however this needs a lot more fiddling to get it right.

The base Air Defence is now made up of three components:

  • 1 Mk21 Centurion medium-range launcher at the North end of the runway.
  • 1 AN/MPQ-105 Radar at the centre of the runway.
  • Either 1 Praetorian 1C CIWS or 1 Mk49 Spartan at the South end of the runway.


The long-range radar greatly increases the effectiveness of the base's defences (in my testing at least :seemsgood:)


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