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TSF - Faction Recruitment & operations

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 Welcome fellow engineers toT.S.F - The Salvation Federation☆☆
 Communication Hub


 Welcome to today's 1st leading Federation, our aim is to maintain high space activities,
through-out the system. 


☆☆ If you are new to Space Engineers and/or looking at joining a Faction, ☆☆
"T.S.F - The Salvation Federation"

Is looking for Members from all over the globe to join an elite group of engineers.

To apply to become a Member of our Faction follow one of these steps.

Send me a discord message: DJ_JoozBrorg#7878

2. Join TSF public Faction Discord Found here


To become a successful applicant to our Federation

we would like to see you play the server for a minimum of (1 Day),

this gives us a little insight as to whom we are accepting into our Faction.

☆☆ Faction Roles ☆☆

Fleet Admiral (FAdm.)
The Fleet Admiral is the supreme commander of the TSF Spacefleet: the highest rank in the military organization, only one individual holds this position at any given time. As a staff officer, the Fleet Admiral does not command from a ship, but from fleet headquarters on planets/moons. The role of the Fleet Admiral is to plan long-term strategies with the other Admirals of Starfleet. For the most part, this is a political position; nobody becomes Fleet Admiral without approval by the Council of Worlds

Daily pay is 500 Space-Credits.


Admiral (Adm.)
An Admiral is a flag officer who commands an entire task force or orbiting fortress. When assigned to a Task Force, Admirals command from a flagship - typically a Battleship, otherwise, they command from the CIC in their assigned Fortress.

Daily pay is 400 Space-Credits.


Rear Admiral (RAdm.)
Rear Admirals are commonly seen as the executive officers (XO) of a task force, usually operating from the second biggest ship within their fleet; usually an Assault Carrier or Heavy Cruiser), or as staff officers in command major departments within Space-fleet Administration.

Daily pay is 350 Space-Credits.


Commodore (Cdre.)
Commodores are the lowest grade of Flag Officer in Spacefleet. Commodores with field commands lead small strike forces from a Light or Heavy Cruiser, while staff officers would command departments or sub-divisions within Space-fleet Administration. 

Daily pay is 300 Space-Credits.


Space Commander (SCmdr.)
The equivalent of a Navy Captain (and informally addressed as such), Space Commanders command ships larger than destroyers; Cruisers, Carriers, and Battleships. Note that while Flag officers command fleets and task forces, even their flagships are commanded by Space Commanders. Space Commanders may also lead Destroyer Squadrons or flotillas of lesser ships. Staff officers of this rank often lead minor departments within Space fleet Administration and serve as aides to flag officers.

Daily pay is 250 Space-Credits.


Commander (Cmdr.)
Commanders often serve as commanding officers (CO) of Destroyers or Patrol Groups. Aboard larger ships, they often serve as XO’s or department heads. Staff officers of this rank often serve as departmental aides and as liaisons with planetary governments and militias.

Daily pay is 180 Space-Credits.


Fleet Lieutenant (FLt.)
Fleet Lieutenants are typically assigned to command Frigates, XO’s in Destroyers or department heads in line warships. They are also commonly seen as Fighter Squadron commanders.

Daily pay is 140 Space-Credits.


Lieutenant (Lt.)
Lieutenants command Scout-class vessels and small craft. They are also commonly seen as XO’s aboard Frigates (and sometimes Destroyers). Most line fighter pilots hold this rank.

Daily pay is 100 Space-Credits.


Junior Lieutenant (Jr. Lt.)
Graduates of Space Academy serve their first tour of duty as Junior Lieutenants. “Jellies” can be seen serving in almost every function in Space fleet as they continue their training in their chosen field of expertise. Though often seen as fighter pilots, Junior Lieutenants are rarely given responsibility over any other form of craft.

Daily pay is 75 Space-Credits.


Fleet Ensign (FE.)
Ensigns were generally the lowest ranking commissioned officer, Given to new members of (TSF)


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