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Mr Chu

Police Convoy - AL Event

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Police Convoy - AL Event

An Armed Police and Medic Convoy will be travelling between Sydney Police Station and Darwin Police Outpost carrying confiscated items, weapons and medical supplies for resupply and destruction. For each Truck that is successfully intercepted and driven to a Rebel Outpost, the group responsible will receive the items within!


The Key Details

Date: Saturday 30th of May

Time: From 7:30pm AEST

Where: Throughout Altis - All Parties are recommended to join TeamSpeak throughout the event



A KOS Zone will be in place within 1.5km of the Convoy or any Convoy Trucks

No NLR - You may continue to return to the Convoy or after any of the Convoy Trucks until the event has concluded

The Convoy will proceed along the main highway to Darwin and will only divert if forward scouts detect an ambush along the road. In such case, cops must make every effort to return to the Main Road after passing the ambush

Spike Strips may not be used on the Convoy Trucks

Should a vehicle be blown up or destroyed, Senior Staff may choose to replace it

13.2 will not apply for the duration of the event



Each Truck in the convoy will have a theme from below:

Weapons (The Equivalent of 2x BMD Missions containing only T4s and T5s)

Gold and other Rare Illegal Items

Medical Supplies


Thanks to Jay and other members of the community for coming up with the event proposal!

If you have any suggestions, please fill out the suggestion form here

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