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Mr Chu

AL Event - King of OG

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Mr Chu    183

King of OG

Oi Oi Gamers, the AL Staff Team lead by @Archie Poland will be hosting a "King of OG" event where gangs (or individuals) must hold OG (Capture Point 3) for 10 minutes against all participating parties.


The Key Details

When: Friday 5th of June at 7pm AEST

Where: OG aka Capture Point 3

All Parties are encouraged to join AL Events TeamSpeak prior to the event starting for briefing


The Rules

The Gang or Individual that holds OG (Capture Point 3) for 10 minutes will be declared the winner

If another Gang or Individual takes over OG, the timer will be reset to 0

No Sniping / Roaching past 600m

No Restrictions on Gear - None will be provided by Staff

Should multiple gangs / individuals be contesting OG, the gang with the most members at OG will be declared as capping OG

Only SRT may contest whilst under Police Tags following correct escalation procedures. Should other officers wish to contest, they must do so under Civ Tags and Civ Faction

All Gang Members must be under Tags or be counted as an Individual


The Reward


The Winning Gang or Individual will receive 4 million each (for up to 10 participating members)

A Crate containing 2x T5 and 3x T4 Weapons will be dropped onto Rebel Island during the Event


Senior Staff may also provide additional rewards for noteworthy plays / achievements

Rules may be adjusted by AL Senior Staff prior to the event commencing


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  • Mr Chu    183
    2 hours ago, Ashes said:

    What about CIU 😞

    Problem with letting CIU attend means its SRT + CIU as police against the rest (which leads to inevitable complaints for Archie to deal with)


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