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Squad Server Rules

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StrayaGaming    253

StrayaGaming Squad Server Rules

All rule breaks are up to the server staff's discretion. What staff say is final.

Report rule breaches via the Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life

Recently changed rules are in yellow. 

This server is governed by the StrayaGaming Community Guidelines and the Squad Code of Conduct


How to report staff misconduct:

A) In all cases, staff reports should be submitted via the StrayaGaming Process first. This is also the fastest process.

B)  If you are not satisfied with this, you may report this directly to OWI via this form: https://forms.gle/R3D434WVuaY9obtT6, or email them here [email protected] with the following information: 1) Name of the server; 2) Any evidence such as video, pictures etc; 3) Date and time of incident.


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  • StrayaGaming    253

    1.0  General Rules

    1.1 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules.

    1.2 Squad names and player names must not contain language that is offensive to the average person.

    1.3 No Teamkilling, if you do please say sorry in chat to inform them of your mistake.

    1.3.1 No revenge killing the team mate that killed you once you have respawned or been revived.

    1.4 Players must join a Squad and be an active team player - those who do not join a Squad or participate with the team will be kicked.

    1.4.1 Squad Leaders must play using the Squad Leader kit. 

    1.4.2 Unarmed role is not to be used.

    1.5 Do not create a Squad unless you intend on leading it. Squad Leaders are also required to use a microphone at all times.

    1.6 No ghosting. For example giving game knowledge that would affect game-play to the opposite team This includes but is not limited to communicating outside of the game through a third party chat such as Discord or via the ingame chat.


    2.0 Game Play Rules

    2.1 Do not abuse vehicles or the role of the vehicle. For example, leaving armored artillery vehicles abandoned away from areas of usefulness.

    2.2 Team stacking due to being in a clan must stay to a minimum. Stacking will result in team changes.

    2.3 Do not shoot emplacements or vehicles out of main, unless you are being camped at main and need to do so to leave.

    2.4 Do not waste, deliberately damage or misuse team assets such as the following.

    2.4.1 Using a vehicle for yourself and not to benefit your team.

    2.4.2 Leaving Vehicles behind after use in mission. Please drive it to an active area or send it back to the main base.

    2.4.3 Air to air ramming is consider a misuse of team assets, this includes but is not limited to, ramming resulting in a total loss of one or both aircraft, rotor tapping and using a helicopter to ram the ground.

    2.5 Squad Leaders may kick you for any reason they wish, do not retaliate if they do so, either come see an admin (If you have an issue with it) or join another squad.

    2.6 MBTs, APCs and IFVs must have a minimum of 2 Crew manning them to be used.

    2.6.1 Squads clearly identified as the named of a specific vehicle [MBT, HELI, IFV or APC] will have priority based on Squad number. This priority is only effective when the vehicle is spawned at main or in the process of spawning.

    2.6.2 In the name of fairness, MBTs are limited to 1 per squad.

    2.6.3 The claim over a specific vehicle is limited to one type of vehicle per squad (e.g. "BMP/MBT" is not allowed).

    2.6.4 Anti-Air vehicles are exempt from this rule.

    2.7 Squad Leaders should not use vehicles which require Crewman Kits if they are leading a squad of infantry.

    2.8 Players must not camp a teams main base in a way which will stop them from being able to exit it.

    2.9 Radios should not be placed inside of map objects, outside of the map boundary or have items placed over them in an excessive manor. 


    3.0 Seeding Rules: Below 30 Players (15 per team)

    3.1 During Seeding Phase, players must fight over the center objective. This will be broadcasted during seeding by a Staff Member.

    3.2 No FOB or HAB is to be built within 150m (not within the inner ring of the hob build marker) of the centre control point.

    3.3 No pushing, camping or attacking enemy HABs in any form during the seeding phase.

    3.4 Armed vehicles are not to be used during seeding phase, logistic and transport vehicles are allowed.

    3.5 No emplacements can be built during the seeding phase.

    3.6 Locked squads are prohibited during the seeding phase.

    3.7 The seeding phase is concluded following an announcement from staff.

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