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I&A Apex Edition 1.1.8d

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Fitz    1208

The main addition this update brings is a much requested feature to Area 51 for our Lifetime Donators - flags.

Flags can be equipped on any aircraft, similarly to how skins are applied.

There are currently 56 flags available; 30 custom and 26 vanilla.


If there are any flags you would like to see added, feel free to get in touch with me.

Custom skin information has also been added to the donation info page.

Additionally, a whitelisted slot has been added for the HAT role.


Quiksilver has also released a fix for the Active Protection System on armoured vehicles. This makes it more effective against AI missiles fired at player vehicles.


The artillery piece at the main base has been moved to the FOB. For now, it rearms the same as it did before (start of every AO).

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