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Space Engineers | Server Revamp

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Welcome, Engineers of StrayaGaming!

We have some exciting changes to our Space Engineers server in the pipeline which we cannot wait to share with you. 


Hi all, 

Since the full-service launch of our Space Engineers servers late last year, we have been blown away by the creativity, passion and commitment the community has poured into the various game-modes we have offered - it has been truly awe-inspiring. 

Our journey through the Space Engineers ecosystem has not been without its challenges; persistent simulation issues, server crashes and grid losses have tested our resolve and are likely to remain as ongoing challenges until such time as the game developers can implement some definitive patches and updates. We also acknowledge that in recent months, our playerbase has condensed as a result of these issues in conjunction with shifting player dynamics, and our current server's inaccessibility to new players. 

Moving forward, we will be modifying our service offering to a minimalistic, modded server to bolster player accessibility without losing the advantages acquired through some of our core mods. The drill/fill, build/repair, radar, hangar market and factional safe zone mods will be retained, allowing us to drastically reduce our mod footprint from 4GB to less than 200MB while also improving server simulation speed. 

The server will officially switch over on Monday 20/07, with the server to be down from Monday morning until Monday evening. We strongly encourage all engineers to join us over the next week in some final epic battles with the incredible grids you have created. 

Your feedback greatly assists in defining the direction of our server, and we strongly encourage you to reach out to a staff member if you have any suggestions or concerns. 

Revised mod collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2163524525

- SG Space Engineers Team

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