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Server News for 30th July wipe

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Byron    190

Strayagaming Rust #1 Server 

There have been a few rule changes this wipe, we have seen player feedback and are working towards having a balanced server.

The IP of the server:
Our server have been changed a couple of times due to server migration
The server current IP for #1
We have also setup a DNS for #1 server, player can also connect to our server using : rust.straya.life:28015 in F1 console.

The Wipe
The wipe is happening on 30th of July 2020, AEDT / Sydney time 4PM
it is a Map wipe , BP from first wipe will remain untouch.
Next wipe is 7th of August, this is a force wipe. 

Rule Changes
- Max group size is three, No more than 3 to authorize onto TC | Codelocks | Turrets.
- Players are not permitted to gift bases or items to random players or alliances.
- Player can abandon their base or raided base without make any notification in public channel, in such a way that it is fair game for the entire server.
- Players are not permitted to allow another player to enter their base.
- Groups can be friendly toward other groups, but cannot roam or raid together.
- "Roaming" is defined as a group of players outside of their base with at least one of those players armed in any way.
- Groups may swap out one player per wipe but must notify staff first via discord ticket.
- Break group limit for the first time will get 2weeks ban, second time will get 2months, the third time will be permanent.
- Trading can only be done via vending machines/shop fronts/inside safe zones. 

- Players with VAC ban within 60 days or more than 3 VAC bans are not permitted to enter
- Use hacks/scripts to gain advantage over other players will be banned.
- Being overly toxic in game chat may result in a mute or kick at staff discretion.
- Suspect a hacker Please use the F7 key in game to report and then report to our staff though discord ticket. 
- all report against other players have to be made with sufficient evidence, Admin and moderators can’t and won’t make an decision on thing if there is not enough evidence against other player.
- Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for non-compliance. It is up to the individual to ensure they are aware of these rules before playing on this server. They can be found on the StrayaGaming forums and Discord.
- Administrators and/or Moderators have final say on breaches of these rules.

Max populations
the max pop of the server 1 have changed from 100 to originally designed max pop 150
unless there is a major fluctuation in player intake, or other important reason
otherwise the pop will stay at this level for a while.

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