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Wasteland Update Version 7.0

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Wasteland Update 7.0

Back to Basics.

This update contains a plethora of changes to the core functions of the game mode; this includes massive map changes, a store price overhaul, and several changes to player loadouts. See more in the full change log below.


Principal Additions and Changes:

  • All Items in all stores have been re-priced to an appropriate price.
  • Several new custom vehicles added to vehicle store.
  • Gun only jets re-introduced.
  • Territory Capturing will be quicker for each player capturing.
  • Voice Chat for Side Channel has been enabled for BLUFOR/OPFOR.
  • AI Handicap lowered (You'll find it easier to kill AI vehicles now).
  • Night time cycle sped up.
  • Spawn with $3000.
  • Mission Crate content updated.
  • Role Specific spawn loadouts added. E.g. Riflemen will have a better rifle than a medic, Snipers will spawn with a marksman rifle.
  • Numerous changes to map layout.
  • More ATMs added to map.
  • Drone Loadouts revised.
  • Carrier moved to Deep water in the north eastern sea.

Modifications and Tweaks:

  • Tactical Pings now appear on the map.
  • Repelling removed.
  • Territory capture rate refreshes every 5 seconds.
  • Coastal patrols spawn less and over ocean not land.
  • Helicopter missions made less frequent.
  • Maximum active missions changed to 4.
  • Reduced Mortar Rearm cost.
  • Reduced Lockpick, Salvage, and Portable Quadbike time.
  • Demining Drone removed.
  • Teambalancing no longer locks you to enemy team.
  • AI less likely to hold AA launchers.
  • Underbarrel Yellow smoke causes toxic effects.
  • Smoke dischargers may be used by vehicle drivers and gunners.
  • Explosives may now be placed up to 30m from stores.
  • UI Colour changed to keep things looking fresh.
  • Sniper Crates more frequent from military missions.
  • Flatten grass script added.
  • Cape Cod is a spawnable town.
  • Loading Image and intro song changed.
  • Veterans will have a tag next to their name on the scoreboard
  • Donators receive a new colour name on the Scoreboard.
  • Staff may be identified by a unique scoreboard name colour.

Bug Fixes:

  • OP Helmets provide Gas Mask Properties.
  • On respawn, Sidearms and Designators are loaded.
  • Duplicate Scripts removed from Mission File.
  • Hackers mission fixed.


Please share your feedback with us, Wasteland Staff are contactable via Forums, Teamspeak, or StrayaGaming Discord in the Wasteland Channel.

Thank-you to the Wasteland Development Team, specifically @LameSlayer, for all the hard work put into creating this update.


- Wasteland Team

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