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I&A Apex Edition 1.1.8e

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Fitz    1220

This update brings a variety of smaller changes to the server, including an additional helipad at base, teleport from Ironside and CAS spawn back to main base, and a couple of new helicopter skins.


As a result of @Hindsight2020's suggestion, Ironside has received two recruitable AI crew (for use in the driver's seat only) and a reduction in vehicle spawn times.


Each week the top 3 medics and pilots receive whitelisting for the following week. This has always been pointless if the person is a donator already, so as @OrionSync suggested, we have changed this so only the top 3 non-donors receive the whitelisting instead.

As @XSV Sam noticed, there is a function on the server that prevents 50% of missiles targeting enemy CAS from tracking the target. The chance of a missile being successful has been heavily increased and will be subject to further observation to make this less frustrating.

Additionally, players that have their role reset by an admin will now receive a more noticeable notification on their screen:


Finally, an overlooked ability that allowed Zeus' to revive themselves using a medical box, has been removed. This functionality was never intended for Zeus self-reviving and gave those using it an unfair advantage.

There are some recent forum posts and suggestions that haven't been included in this update. I haven't forgotten about them and they are still being reviewed and worked on unless otherwise stated.

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