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Among Us Competitive Event

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Among Us Competitive Event!

The Community Team is proud to introduce the first Among Us Competitive Event for Strayagaming! This Saturday, the 17th of October from 4:00pm AEDT till ~6pm AEDT, we will be hosting a Trial Competitive Event for Among Us!

This will be a trial event aimed to clear out any bugs, gauge community feedback, adjust rules, points and of course, have a fantastic and competitive afternoon! This will build on our recent success of our community games and is aimed at any and all players of any skill level to come and learn a few tricks from the best in our community! 

If successful and with strong feedback and support, future competitive events may be held on a regular basis with larger prizes!
All participants will be required to register for the event using the form below. Depending on numbers, registrations may be limited to ensure the smooth running of the trial event. It is highly recommended that you place your registration as soon as you can confirm your participation in this event.

The Key Information

When: Saturday, the 17th of October at 4:00pm till ~6:00pm AEDT

Where: Discord Voice Channels

Registration Form

The Top 3 Players at the end will each receive 1x Among DLC and bragging rights!

The Rules

Points will be awarded to the winning side of each match as follows

1 Point awarded to each crewmate if they win

3 Points awarded to each Imposter if they win

All participants will be required to have and use a working microphone on Discord - discord.gg/strayagaming

All players must use their Username in Discord and in the Lobby to ensure ease of communication and identity

No Ghosting - Any communication outside of the game is strictly forbidden and will result instant removal from the event and any future events

Each Round will consist of 3 matches. After each round, lobbies will be randomly shuffled and the map changed. 

The competition will last for approximately 2 hours with as many full rounds being completed inside of this time frame. A short break of up to 5 minutes will be taken between each round. 

Should more than 2-3 players be kicked / disconnected, staff may choose to null results from that round

Community Team Members may record the competition for event analysis and promotional material such as highlights and other such videos. By participating you consent to recordings being used for promotional purposes across our platforms and social media sites

Staff may request you to screen share at any time through discord. Failure to comply will result in ejection from the event

Lobby Settings

Map: Skeld -> Mora -> Polus
Imposters: 2 (1 if 7 people in a lobby)
Confirm Ejects: Off
Emergency Meetings: 1
Emergency Cooldown: 15s
Discussion Time: 15s
Voting Time: 120s
Player Speed: 1.25x
Crewmate Vision: 0.5x
Imposter Vision: 1.5x
Kill Cooldown: 22.5s
Kill Distance: Normal
Visual Task: On
# Common Tasks: 1
# Long Tasks: 1
# Short Tasks: 4


Staff reserve the right to make adjustments to the above prior to the event starting. All parties will be notified during the briefing of any and all changes

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