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Space Engineers - Voter of the month reward

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DJ_JoozBrorg    825


Welcome, Engineers of StrayaGaming!

We have some exciting news which we cannot wait to share with you.

Greeting Engineers, 

As most of you are already aware we have a In-game vote reward system witch a player will gain a reward for voting for the Server, we would like to reward you for doing so even more so at the end of each Month the Player with the most votes to the server will gain an extra in-game reward. these prizes will very over the months from Component to Ingots, or even Space Engineers DLC's. We are also interested to find out what other types of rewards you guys would like to see within the Vote-Rewards. 

To vote for the server Visit this link Here or type !voterewards In-game, once you have voted you can then type !reward In-game to collect your reward. 


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