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Licensing Application [Requirements and Template]

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Altis Paramedic Service
Paramedic Licensing Application

Due to the volatility of the APS, the below Application Requirements may change at any time with no notice!

Application Requirements:

  1. Be of a Calm and Mature manner
  2. Constanly be engaged in Roleplay which is of an acceptable ability in regards to a 'Public Roleplay Server'
  3. Must have a working microphone, and be willing and actively using it while engaging in Paramedic Activities
  4. Must have played a minimum of 12 hours as a Junior Paramedic in the last 2 weeks.
  5. Must be proficient in, and be understanding of the Rules & Regulations
  6. Referrals you must have x2 ICP+

Licensing Examination:

If your application is accepted, you will be asked to join one or more Critical Care Paramedic's or members of the Command Team for an interview. You may experience the following during an Interview:

  1. Questions which determine your understanding of the Rules & Regulations (Including Server Rules)
  2. Questions regarding your submitted application (Resume)
  3. Questions regarding your Qualifications and Skills
  4. Questions regarding your future in the APS
  5. Scenarios which relate to APS Duties, Rules & Regulations


Licensing Application:

Please copy the below template and submit a topic in the thread where this template is located. All fields/questions are mandatory. Failing to fill out a section or completing the word limit will result in your application being denied or placed on pending, requiring you to rectify your mistakes.

NAME YOUR POST: YourName - Licensing Application

Name of person applying (In Game Name): 

Steam / Player UID ( Press "ESC" Key in game, it would be on your bottom left menu ): 

Discord ID : ( ie: iamjack #2974 )

Your Age: 

Referrals (Must have at least 2 ICP+):

Hours played as Junior Paramedic since induction: (Provide an educated guess): 

Why do you want to join the APS? (Min 80 words):

What can you bring back to the APS? (Min 80 words): 

Have you ever been banned or received disciplinary actions (This includes server punishments and punishments within the Police/Medic Department):
If Yes What For (All Punishments):

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