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Wasteland Malden V1.2

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AidanC    100

G'day Wastelanders,


We would love to welcome you to our latest release of StrayaGaming A3 Wasteland!

The most exciting news is the return of the Token upgrade system.

There are numerous other large changes so take a few minutes to read the change log and provide feedback below.


The update will be live from today at 1800hrs AEST.



AidanC and the Wasteland Team.


Change Log:

  • Added:
    • New Jet Loadouts, Balanced for all play styles!
    • New Heli and VTOL Loadouts, with and without token options.
    • All A3 Jets DLC Turrets, Including the Praetorian CWIS! (Turret prices and availability subject to change in the future).
    • Artillery Vehicles such as the Blufor Scorcher, the Opfor Sochor, and the Indi Zamak MRLS! (No Mine or Cluster Shells included).
    • Re-introduced Roadblock Side-Missions!
    • Added 5 more re-arm trucks around the map.
    • Added a New Aircraft Carrier.
    • Added the fan favourite CAPE COD!
    • Added a 50% refund for tokens when selling a token vehicle.
  • Modified:
    • Token Costs reduced for most vehicles.
    • New Intro music.
    • Territory capture time reduced to 4 minutes.
    • Minor Map edits for aesthetics.
    • Malden Military Base given a face-lift.
    • Vehicles spawn unlocked when purchased.
    • Hackers Mission gives $50'000 when there are nil enemy players connected.
    • Increased side mission spawn count.
    • Thermal Imaging enabled on large drones. (Nil TI on Darters).
    • Convoy Routes added and existing routes adjusted.
    • Balanced spawn ratio of money shipments; More of the easier shipments and less super heavy spam.
    • Moderators may now access Zeus when given access by Senior Staff to assist with Events.
    • Heavy Turrets set to Tow only, Nil loading into vehicles.
    • Abandoned Vehicle Missions may provide unique vehicle variants unable to be purchased.
    • Dynamic Weather Wind lowered, Smoke should work a lot better now.
    • Thermal Equipment for infantry lowered in price drastically for balance.
    • Other Miscellaneous re-pricing.
  • Bug Fixes: 
    • Token System repaired and operational! Use the Player Menu to upgrade your spawn gear!
    • Salvaging Token Vehicles no longer causes a 'Cancel Action' Bug.
    • Bounty System repaired, No longer causes losses to your bank balance.


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