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Wasteland Stratis V7.3

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AidanC    105

G'day Wastelanders,


We would love to welcome you to our latest release of StrayaGaming A3 Wasteland!

The most exciting news is the overhaul of our supporter menu.

There are numerous large changes so take a few minutes to read the change log and provide feedback below.


The update will be live from today at 1800hrs AEST.



AidanC and the Wasteland Team.


Change Log:

  • Added:
    • New Base Building parts.
    • Art of War Clothing/Gear.
    • Underwater Missions are back!
    • Staircase to USS Freedom (No longer will you get stuck in the water below).
    • Overhaul to Donator/Supporter area. Supporters will now earn 1 Token every 4 player kills, or 40 AI Kills. Supporters also have access to many more vehicle skins than non-supporters.
    • Pawnee (AA) Variant.
  • Modified:
    • Static emplacements (Including UAV AA) has a lower re-arm cost (now 25%).
    • Static AA costs have been lowered significantly.
    • Mission drawn lines begin at 50m. (No more searching 100m radius for one infantryman).
    • Base parts may be locked closer to stores, you can fortify and hold stores now.
    • Different territory captures will earn you different income.
    • Player spawn load outs tweaked for token upgrades.
    • AI Units will spawn with consistent load outs.
    • Token cost for storage upgrades lowered to 10.
    • Several custom skins for vehicles moved to supporter only.
    • Player menu colour scheme changed to Olive.
  • Bug Fixes: 
    • Abandoned Jet mission now spawns good jets with working weapons.
    • White mission crate fixed, now provides correct weapons/gear rather than default crate load out.



View full devblog


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