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Ninja Prophet

Ninja Prophet A.K.A. White Beast

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Pretty new to all this won't lie, been spending too much time on I&A (Great mode :D) Shout out to Fitz! Best bloke and and all round great Mod/Admin. Just like to add that this is a wonderful community and made a few new idiot friends along the way. In Game im White Beast. If you're looking for me, i don't know why, im a great bullet magnet :)

Me though, im 19 studying a diploma in Info Tech soon to hopefully be transferring into psychology. I have too much free time and most is spent on I&A getting killed because my girlfriend won't stop bugging me.

I've been White Beast, Peace out!

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  • Fitz    1238

    Thank you very much for your donation mate!

    Thanks for the kind words too ^_^


    I'm glad you're enjoying your time on I&A, any issues or questions, feel free to message me on here or teamspeak. 

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