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NUG - Soul

Hey Hey Peoples!

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NUG - Soul    9

Hey Hey :)

I'm Soul, the owner and one of the Founders of Nomad United Gaming :) I have been an online game for as long as I can remember, I enjoy playing all kinds of games (I don't like to limit my self to one style).

Outside of gaming I'm also the sole parent and carer of two beautiful quirky kids, and a full time uni student, studying two BA's - Bachelor of Criminology (Co- Major Criminal Justice) and Bachelor of Behavioural Studies - Psychology (Co- Major Sociology). And on top of all of this I am in the process of building an online computer tech store, that will be specializing in the building of gaming rigs. I am also a b*tch, its one of my best qualities, and what I'm well known for lol

If you would like to find out anything more about me feel free to find me on TS, or shoot me a message and get to know me :)

Soul <3

CEO, Owner & Founder
Nomad United Gaming

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  • ʝ17    433

    Hi there, glad to see you have finally joined the forums after last nights performance! xD

    If there are any issues or questions, I'm sure you will not hesitate to ask and look forward to what the future may bring.

    Good to have you apart of SG! Enjoy your stay all of our members and staff are friendly, so message any of us at any time! If it's for a general chit chat or any questions ^_^

    - ʝ17

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    Tiggati    1067

    Welcome to StrayaGaming ! :D

    Good to have you here, and all the best with your business and community ^_^

    Any issues or general questions about anything, just contact any one of our staff, and they'll be more than happy to help you out where ever needed.

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