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CAKE - Your newest memeber.

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Cake    119


Edit: I'll probably donate for the Altis life server in the next few days because I like being a medic. Yes that's my reason.


Hi! I'm CAKE
Some may know me as (Cubed2) which was an old name I took upon whilst playing both the Altis life and I&A server.. Many here and there on Wasteland.
But if you don't know me (Or don't remember me) that's cool. I'll explain who I am and what I do over the next few paragraphs.


Who am I?
I'm just a casual ARMA III Player, I swap between 2-3 servers I enjoy playing, two are of course Strayagaming. I'm nothing more than a chill and relaxed player always enjoying the RP side and the full on strategical side of Arma with or without friends I can find enjoyment in the game by myself, of course friends are always more enjoyable to be around. 
I'm a mature, 17 year old kid. (Yas still a kid) That likes to muck around, throw some memes, surf reddit and also be serious when needed. If you find me in-game spewing out random shit it's because my goal is to always just make the environment I play in friendly and happy. I don't really enjoy an intense / upset environment in-gaming. 


What the hell do you do?
Besides ARMA, I'm a graphical designer (Woo.) Don't go to school due to being finished.. Oh and I always basically spell correctly and hardly ever abbreviate anything, always use the right, your and you're as well for their and there. I currently do not have a job because well nobody is hiring as of yet and no-where really interests me (In before centrelink jokes) but I'm actually waiting for a phone call from the Defence force on when my assessment day is, and if all is right I get accept and yadda yadda. 


Why StrayaGaming?
Well unless you want me to play on American server.. I had no choice. I'm kidding,
I chose SG as they're by far the most popular, they're actually in my Country and fucks me probably for the dank memes some members throw to others or something. 


If you ever want graphical designs done let me know and I'll see what I can do. I don't have a portfolio because I'm too lazy to create that. But I created my own graphical design group for myself and advertise myself, because.. I'm a sad lonely kid.


Oh, I do all my shit for free. Because I don't believe in being paid for something I class as a hobby and enjoy for fun in my spare time.


Hi I'm cake and you shouldn't be so lazy and should actually read ♥

That sums me up, thanks for reading.


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  • Rambo    143

    Hey mate, I love cruising the forums and really enjoyed reading your introduction, hope to meet you on altis life and have some great RP interactions!

    And more people that love playing medics are always welcome as I seem to die a lot all in the line of duty, doing my part to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all the citizens of Altis.


    Captain J. Rambo

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    Vallenx    70

    Now that's an Intro.. Welcome! 

    There's a competition running for the design of mousepads at the moment that would be right up your alley. 

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