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Hi all.

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Damonicas    4

Hi, I recently just came back to ARMA after being away for a bit and have played a number of sessions on your Co-Op Invade and Annex server. I enjoyed playing and thought I would sign up and introduce myself. I have played all the ARMA's over the years but have never been big in the multiplayer side of things. I usually go by the names of Damonicas or Nebulas and prefer to play as a Sniper however Helicopters have also been a big interest to me and that's a role I'm trying to improve on, especially flying the 'Little Birds', though I need to smooth out my take off and landings a bit more.


I'm an Underground Miner by profession so my game time is limited to my rostered weeks off. I'm a Guild owner for Star Citizen, regular player of World of Warships and a fan of the Total War series and am especially looking forward to Warhammer: Total War. With the updates to ARMA 3 looking to get back into the game on a regular basis and improving my skills.


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