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Evidence for VDM RnR

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Stink    0

First incident was VDM I was chased without being delcared on clearly seen in the video and they started off the chase by trying to come into my lane and ram me.
Second incident was after being revived by the EMS and robbed and a kidney stolen by the same guys while I was in TS you can even hear as i'm being called in the TS.
Not sure why the second vid was so small maybe because I was alt tabbed in TS during the robbery so had no chance to comply or get the full recording of what he did while alt tabbed.

ArmA 3 09.24.2016 -

ArmA 3 09.24.2016 -

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  • Gotenks    497

    Go see the help desk members mate, you also need to upload the videos to YouTube or something. 


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