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Dak Commstar

The Killerado Case - Server Event 19/12/2016

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Dak Commstar    139

Thanks to all opfor who participated in last nights on-the-spot event (2:am to 4:am). For those wondering what was going on, it was an event idea that happened pretty much as soon as we (opfor) took Jack Killerado (Independent Player) hostage. We had him locked up in the airbase gun store and challenged his friends to rescue him. To up the anti, we called Jack's ensurance company to see if they were willing to offer a payout and $20,000 was arranged. As the announcements rolled for the reward for his rescue, so did the numbers until, while a Bluefor tank pounded the store with HE shells the final call came through for $160,000. At this point Jack was begging us to stop spoon-feeding him money







. With the HVT marker on the map, players from both independent and Bluefor relentlessly attacked the gun store. Jack Killerado was now in danger from simply being shelled out of the little box house we had him in. Opfor decided to move Jack to an ATM, where he would be forced to part ways with most of his life insurance (Keeping a hefty amount himself) with the opfor players involved. As soon as the last HE shell dropped onto the store, We moved Jack into the open, straight up the hill towards the Old Outpost ATM.





As soon as we stepped foot over the top of the hill, that's where everything went south. one titan missile, right into Jack's face. We then proceeded to revive train, failing each time to another titan missile until EVERY opfor player somehow managed to die XD. At that point it was a mad scramble for the money. The Goodnight Clan was hot on the cash, picking it up and that of the fallen Opfor players. The amount was raised up to $222,000 from the carnage. The Goodnight member began to flee towards the ATM only to be killed by Jack himself, returned to claim his insurance money. Shortly after another titan missile the money was up for grabs again. While opfor regrouped the money traveled south on a new HVT, where we presume it was split between the members of an independent group who fled the area. There was a hunt through the forest with players hunting anyone who even approached an ATM. The killing continued for a while until it was announced that the money had been banked. Poor Jack was left to fill out insurance forms and everyone went back to camping and such (or to sleep as it had reached 4 AM Melbourne time).


I'd like to thank all the opfor players who participated in the event and most importantly, poor Jack Killerado who spent the first half locked inside a building as a prisoner. We had originally planned to keep him there until players actually began attempting to rescue him. He had every opportunity to log off with $160,000 but for some silly reason chose to just run with the crazy escort mission idea I had instead XD. Hopefully this gives us something new we can do with Team Stacking, having events that attract players on all teams to a large prize with an objective in mind. If any other players captured any screenshots last night of the event, please feel free to upload them into the comments :).

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