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Push back restarts a couple of hours

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BillyBillz    2

Simple suggestion, make it so the server restarts at 2am or something instead of at midnight. Tonight there were 50+ people on the server, and then the midnight restart came along and that number went down significantly. Midnight is way too early to be restarting in my opinion, the server should restart in the AMs when nobody is on the server, not at midnight when there's usually quite a few people still on because the restart can and does kill the server. 

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  • Tracuer    92

    I know from time to time, the 00:00 restart was what I'd use as my point to go to bed and I would imagine a number of people do the same thing. Arma is a game that you can sink hours into without realising, so having the restart as it stands, it is at least a decent time to get to bed. 

    Secondly, we would simply run into the same problem if we moved the restart time, people will just go to bed after the restart, the only difference would be that people jump off later rather than earlier.


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