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StrayaGaming - Forum Rules


These rules may be changed at any time without warning.

These rules are subject to the discretion of forum staff.

Rule violations may result in content moderation and bans.



1.  All content posted on our forums must adhere to our Community Guidelines.

1.1  Flaming or trolling, especially with ill intent of any kind, is prohibited.

1.2  Malicious links are prohibited.

2.  Abusing the 'Report Post' feature is prohibited.

3.  Only one forum account per user is permitted, unless explicitly approved by management.

4.  Content that is not substantive (e.g. replying with a single word or emoji to a post) is not permitted. Please react to the post.

5.  Replying to applications is prohibited. If you would like to show support, please react to the post.

6.  Advertising is prohibited throughout our forums, unless approved by a Forum Administrator or higher ranking staff.



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