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    • Community Event!! As most of you should know this weekend we remember the Anzac and all other veterans.  @Invade & Annex will be holding an Anzac day ceremony at 1830 Sydney Time on the 25th down at the Cemetery in Pyrgos. The ceremony will take approx 20 minutes. The server has a population of 80 and I hope we can have a full turn out. There will be no dress requirement; however, if you have the DLC parade uniforms are encouraged.  There will be transport arranged or you can drive down. I&A staff will be on hand should you have a slight accident on your transit. Should anyone have any questions please drop me a message and I will attempt to cover them all.
    • Player of the Week 18/4/2021 
      🎖️  Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Shaunuss 🎖️ Congratulations.  Shaunuss is a player whose charisma has put him solely in the spotlight. Taking charge and unifying friendly forces to take and hold ground. There are many tenets to a good leader, but some include mentoring and compassion. One thing Ratso and Myself have seen, and absolutely want to thrive, is Shaunuss’ display of both mentoring and compassion, helping out new players and providing wisdom to those who aren’t as experienced. This type of player helps reinforce what a good community is, and helps bring in new players, giving us the great player base we all enjoy. Beyond this, there’s his soldiering, which is exceptional. Mate, we’re happy to have you here! Honourable Mentions: Weary Dig – a gamer who has been playing in the Straya IA community for sometime and has achieved a damn good reputation at being consistent and a team player.  He is the quiet professional, rarely speaking, but the way he uses tactics and zest to gain the advantage leading the troops up the front to take the desired objectives, speaks for itself. 11 Towers reduced to scrap metal, a feat in itself, and one player who definitely knows the advantage of a mine detector.  Noted by several staff members over the past several weeks to be always somewhere up the front, venturing into the obscurity and always pushing forward to conquer the objective.    MA This player has highlighted his natural leadership skills, using his communications and charisma to bring troops to bear upon the enemy, staff have been alongside to witness and it’s good to hear someone who is willing to take charge, initiative, and lead by example. Thinking outside the square, MA brings a tactical mind to the forward line of troops and helps overcome problems that would often bog down our players. We look forward to seeing you develop and lead going forward.   Pvt Badger, much like our good vet Weary Dig, is a quiet professional. When you’re pinned, he’ll cover your retreat, when you’re down, he’ll get you up, and when you need a bigger weapon, he always seems to have it. He has a knowledge of what is required to take and hold ground, and without doubt is a fantastic asset to us!   Bad Moon Boss – Still making his mark following on from his previous honourable mention for his frontline works and approach to providing assistance with medical pods, ammo, JTAC role and lasering ground targets for CAS. This week he has played the role as a medic and was very successful in managing to take 8 HVT prisoner’s and have them incarcerated at Gitmo.  Your approach and multi skilling in your roles and your ability to overcome, modify and adapt to the role you chose has certainly come to the attention of other players and indeed the staff. Personal – Another awesome week for Personal with over 432 revives and well gauged to take out the top medic of the week. Your ability and prowess to get to players in their time of need is nothing short of remarkable.  Having seen this player weave his way across the field regardless of distance or obstacles to get a player on their feet is unbelievable.  You have earned yourself a notch as one of the best medics and you play your role perfectly.   On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
    • Third option of Home Menu Selectable for group or self, would be the first option with the group option having an auto unlock of (time since lock) and the self locking option having an auto unlock of (distance from vehicle and time since lock), distance from vehicle would also be great for the group option but it adds overheads that won't justify it's implementation.
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