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    • StrayaGaming Newsletter - July 2021 We are happy to announce we are bringing back the SG Newsletter or alternatively known as the StrayaGaming News Bulletin! We will be aiming to produce a newsletter like this on a monthly or bi-monthly basis covering the key news and updates from the month! You can find the below google doc link to which you can download a PDF if you so choose!  StrayaGaming Newsletter - July 2021 If you would like to contribute to our next newsletter, please shoot me a message! Have a great August everyone and we shall see you this time next month hopefully with another newsletter!
    • Player of the Week 25/7/2021 
        Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Shredder 🏅 Congratulations Shredder 🏅     Shredder - a regular player on IA, knows the game, what is required and the objectives needed to gain the advantage.  An international player who plays well, brings maturity to the playing field, happy to help those that need it and tactfully knows what is required to send CSAT back to where they came from. Great effort and great to have you around and well deserved. Honourable Mentions: @Boris – Been playing the IA server for sometime, consistent and reliable in the front line, always up the front taking the brunt of what CSAT can dish out and in return feeding it back to them. A player that engages the targets consecutively and in a strategic order.  One of the main contributors to the server by way of his play style and maturity.  @CerealKiller – Great name, great player, watching his efforts as he advances in the front line dishing out a severe case of lead poisoning to the enemy as they attempt to prevent the advance of friendlies.  Definitely attracts a frostie reception from CSAT Hansolo – Another great player who is solid in his play, happy to provide help in the frontline and does it exceptionally well.  Been around for a reasonable time however noted when he plays he engages well with players and staff and uses force if needed to gain the overall advantage.  Obviously CSAT wouldn’t agree, but I guess that can be expected. @Wally – An IA player who is very multi skilled as a pilot and a front line rifleman.  Tactfully dispatching CSAT along the way as he weaves himself across the front lines heading towards the next objective.  An absolute fiend when it comes to the side missions, uses the advantage of knowledge and tactics well to get those rewards.     Another great effort this week, still attracting a lot of new players and its great to see out POTW and Honourable Mentions getting involved and assisting and guiding where needed the new players Again congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention. 
    • Welcome to the community TeeKay. better not shorten your name too much...
      If you haven't already, have a think about joining us on our discord and teamspeak. 
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