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    1. Jewbacca

    2. Jewbacca

      Up the Farmers Union!!
    3. Jewbacca

      "AREA 51"
    4. You aren't any better. (Keep the train going)
    5. Jewbacca

      You banned me once in 2015.... We can not be friends (Good to c u back)
    6. Jewbacca

      Just some stuff from being on here and their enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2gZ4YLK8hM&feature=youtu.be
    7. Jewbacca

      So salty.
    8. Jewbacca

      Only took 5 mins.....
    9. Jewbacca

      Nah I wish.
    10. Jewbacca

      Due to working 55+ Hours a week and other commitments I will be leaving Straya I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and continues play on Straya cheers for the good times. - Jewy For the record @Mitch Said he would miss to the moon and back. Farmer John now owns the peach farm and the business that follows.
    11. Jewbacca

      Nothing special just a quick giggle enjoy.
    12. Jewbacca

      Can i?
    13. Jewbacca

      Gonna have to kill you paul
    14. Jewbacca

      I aint gd fool
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