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    1. Home

      Yeah like @Kronas_NZ01 said @Corrupt that was the straya intro back in the day
    2. Home

      When Refering to "government" you mean the APD right? Because the APD get overthrown almost every day by rdmers with 9mm in sydney. My probably unpopular view is to encourage people to just kill cops in sydney, which everyone does anyway.
    3. Home

      Did anyone bring some takeover flyers?
    4. Go Kart + Seatbelt = Indestructible, +1
    5. Home

      you dont want to know.
    6. Home

      @luke_ welcome to altis life
    7. Home

    8. Home

      EVENT NAME: Operation Seafood GAME: Kahoot PLAYER COUNT: 3 Teams DESCRIPTION: One person from each team will be nominated to play as a kahoot user, the kahoot match will ask questions about the strayagaming community, aswell as arma 3 based questions, and common knowledge questions of modern society (or whatever), the team to win the kahoot match should win valuable items/ currency from their server e.g. Straya AL- weapons or cash. There should be one team per server, teams should consist of 5 people. The way teams are picked should be based on their interest of the event. Aswell as community vote for each server. LENGTH: 1 Hour
    9. Home

      you talked to Michael? If I was in academy id rather have something no other div has to signify my presence in academy.
    10. Home

    11. Home

      yeah but only detectives and cabinet have suits, by giving another form of police division suits, it basically changes the feeling of having access to suits, the more people have them the less theyre worth pretty much
    12. Home

      Wouldnt that defeat the purpose of cabinet and detectives having suits? @DreadScythe
    13. Home

      What is exile? Genuine question.
    14. Home

      We also sell fried chicken in Sydney, near syd bridge if ur interested
    15. Home

      oh yeah yeah oh yea yeah
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