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    1. Home

      // ACCEPTED @ItzWayz Welcome to the APD! As a Probationary Constable you will be placed on a 1 week probation period in which you must use your taser rifle. Any breach of protocols will result in a removal from the APD. [18/6/2019] It may take up to 48 hours to be whitelisted to your new rank on Altis Life. Junior Academy - Home
    2. Home

      This one is my favorite drink recipe! After a hard long day of role playing in the Sydney bridge proximity I make this to refresh my senses
    3. Home

      I shoulda done this with my Westpac house
    4. Home

      Thanks for your committment to the community @Havoxa I wish you the very best and I hope your new staffing position goes great
    5. Home

      Kamikaze plane into tower 4
    6. Home

    7. Home

      Sorry for the inconvenience brother, but no need for hate, the earth is already at its worst, no more negativity, just positivity and frags bruh
    8. Home

      Bruh can I do this too?
    9. Home

      Vehicle store glitch

      I was stuck in the vehicle store because i immiedately pressed escape to go and get money for an Ifirit , leaving me with a blue and white screen
    10. Home

      Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus
    11. Home

      *Throws SF Gang Signs* @Rolex @Mathuw
    12. Home

      Yeah like @Kronas_NZ01 said @Corrupt that was the straya intro back in the day
    13. Home

      When Refering to "government" you mean the APD right? Because the APD get overthrown almost every day by rdmers with 9mm in sydney. My probably unpopular view is to encourage people to just kill cops in sydney, which everyone does anyway.
    14. Home

      Did anyone bring some takeover flyers?
    15. Go Kart + Seatbelt = Indestructible, +1
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