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Wasteland Rules

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StrayaGaming - Wasteland Rules


General Expectations

General guidelines for playing on our Wasteland server;


  • All members on the server are to be treated with courtesy.
  • Be honest when it comes to completing missions. If you did not help don't pouch yourself a share in the reward.
  • It always pays to have some form of video recording software running while playing on the server. Videographic evidence is the most difficult to refute should there be disputes regarding reports.
  • Act according to your selected role. If you're a medic, your job is to revive and treat other friendlies, as an engineer you repair friendly vehicles etc.
  • If you encounter any issues in game or catch someone breaking the rules, come directly onto our Teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and ask for a moderator/admin/manager’s assistance. Do not take matters into your own hands.


Server Rules

In order to assure a fair and enjoyable experience for all, these are the rules that must be followed at all times.

1. Trolling

  • Trolling is prohibited. Trolling includes but is not limited to:
  • Shooting around / at allies
  • Destroying friendly vehicles
  • Failing to exit a vehicle after being instructed to by the owner 
  • Stealing gear/money after they died while you were in close proximity, etc.
  • Disconnecting before a kill can be registered will be viewed as combat-logging. 


2. Admin Decisions

  • Complaining publicly, rude and/or disorderly conduct to an admin on Teamspeak or otherwise is prohibited. If you believe a staffer's actions are unjust, please send a message to the current Wasteland Manager and/or the Staff Manager, or file a staff report on the forums. These messages are kept strictly confidential.
  • If you believe ban decisions were unjustified, put in a ban appeal on the forums.


3. Hacking, Cheating and Exploiting

  • Hacking the server in any way will result in a permanent ban. Glitching or exploiting will result in lengthy bans at staff discretion dependent on severity.


4. Metagaming

  • Metagaming is defined as: Using outside or previously gained knowledge within the server for personal gain or advantage. (Simply put, under no circumstances do you relay any information to any members of an opposing team.)


5. Defamation and Harassment

  • Defamation: Verbal or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation
  • Harassment: Acts which demean or humiliate with malicious intent


6. Teamkilling

  • Teamkilling is strictly prohibited. Inform relevant staffers if you believe someone is acting inappropriately. Do not intervene yourself in a manner that contravenes the existing rules as you will not be exempt from disciplinary action.
  • Red triangles symbolize friendly mines. If you deliberately / accidentally step on a friendly mine, you are the one at fault. If you witness someone placing mines around friendlies in order to cause harm, submit screenshots and/or videographic evidence to relevant staffers.


7. Asset Theft and Asset Damage

  • Unauthorized commandeering and/or damage to friendly assets is a punishable offence. 


8. Using objects to block missions

  • Do not exploit objects to prevent the execution of missions. Do not fully obstruct roadways used by missions. Always maintain passable gaps between any barriers/walls for mission vehicles to pass through.


9. Skybases

  • Skybases must be connected to the ground with base components in a continuous fashion.


10. Money Missions

  • Should multiple parties finish an AI mission, it is mandated that the rewards are distributed to all participants. If the money is not shared and participants cannot come to a unanimous agreement, the money will be deleted by an admin.


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