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    Wasteland Rules

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    StrayaGaming - Wasteland Rules


    General Expectations

    General guidelines for playing on our WL server


    • You are expected to treat all members on the server with respect.
    • Please be honest when it comes to completing missions. If you did not help don't pouch yourself a share in the reward.
    • It always pays to have some form of video recording software running while playing on the server. If an incident happens, and you need to report it to staff, video-evidence will give you the strongest ground.
    • Represent your classes. If you're a medic, your job is to revive and treat other friendlies, as an engineer you repair friendly vehicles etc.
    • If you encounter any issues ingame, or catch someone breaking the rules, come directly onto our teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and ask for a moderator / admin/manager’s assistance. Do not take matters into your own hands.


    Server Rules

    In order to assure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone in our Wasteland community, these are the rules that must be followed at all times.

    1. Trolling
      • On StrayaGaming's Wasteland server, trolling is heavily frowned upon. Trolling includes, but is not limited to: Shooting around / at allies (see: Teamkilling), destroying friendly vehicles (see: Team Asset Destruction), failing to exit a vehicle after being instructed to by the owner, stealing gear/money after they died while you were in close proximity, etc. As trolling is a broad spectrum of different acts, punishments may vary.
    2. Admin Decisions
      • Complaining in chat or speaking rudely to an admin on Teamspeak will only make your situation worse. If you think a staff member's actions are unjust, please send a message to the current wasteland manager &/or the Staff Manager. Or file a staff report on the forums. These messages are kept strictly confidential.
      • An admin's decision is final, if you believe the decision was in error put in a ban appeal.
    3. Spamming
      • Spamming chat after being asked to stop by others/a staff member may result in a kick or your access to public chat channels being rescinded
    4. The Don't be a dick rule
      • Being a dick includes, voice changers, childish, grieving, are all considered being a dick. (can also be counted as breaking any of these listed rules)
    5. Offensive Language
      • StrayaGaming is a community with a variety of all genders, races and ages, please respect that.
      • Repetitive directed abuse towards other players is entirely unacceptable behaviour, and may result in disciplinary action.
      • This includes any community guideline breaches
    6. Hacking, Cheating and Exploiting
      • Hacking the server in any way will result in a permanent ban. Glitching/Exploiting will suffer long term bans at staff discretion depending on severity.
    7. Meta gaming
      • Metagaming is the act of using outside or previously gained knowledge within the server for personal gain or advantage. (Simply put, under no circumstances do you relay any information to any members of an opposing team.)
    8. Being abusive/Racist
      • Being abusive to other players is not on, by definition it's the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Keep any thoughts which may be deemed offensive to other players to yourself!
    9. Teamkilling
      • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you ever teamkill, If you are caught intentionally team killing another player it will result in disciplinary action. If you believe someone has broken the rules do not team kill them come and get staff to deal with them, taking it into your own hands may get you punished as well
      • Red triangles symbolize friendly mines. If you deliberately / accidentally step on a friendly mine, you are the one at fault. (If you witness someone placing mines around friendlies, in order to cause friendly injuries, screenshot and show a staff member).
    10. Team Damaging / Stealing
      • Damaging friendly assets and / or stealing from your teammates is not allowed, if you are caught damaging or stealing friendly vehicles you will receive disciplinary action.
    11. Body Looting
      • Once you have died, and your items are on the ground, it is officially free for anyone to take. It is however considered polite to allow friendlies to retrieve their gear should they ask. However, if you were already in close proximity to a fallen ally and couldn't help them in time, you are not to touch their gear. Doing so will result in disciplinary action.
      • Waiting for a friendly to die in order to collect their loot is a punishable offense.
    12. Indie group hunt
      • Independents that use the group system to locate people then kill them will result in disciplinary action.
    13. Using objects to block missions
      • Do not under any circumstance place objects on top or around a mission to stop it functioning. Do not fully obstruct roadways used by missions, always have gaps in any barriers/walls for mission vehicles to pass through
    14. Abusing Staff
      • If you have been banned/kicked etc, please do not abuse our staff members for doing so. Jump into our TeamSpeak and sit in our Wasteland issues channel and one of our staff will come and resolve your issue.
    15. Sky Bases
      • Sky Bases are, hence the name, bases built up in the sky, out of reach and/or view of other players. Skybases are permitted if and only if they are connected all the way to the ground with base parts or are below 150m above terrain level.
    16. Money Missions
      • If multiple parties finish an AI mission, you are required to share the money with everyone involved. If the money is not shared and both parties cannot come to an agreement, the money will be removed by an admin.


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