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  3. Zebulink

    File Size: 0.933MB Suggesting that this mod be added as an optional mod for people to adjust the "type" of their nightvision. Green might not be suitable for everyone, and this mod allows people to change the color of their nightvision client side. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2513044572
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  5. Delta450

    Vehicle role locks

    while as an ironside, a medic was able to to enter the cheetah i was in and use the turret and commander positions
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  7. Rogmantosh

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TeamSpeak UPDATE It has been one week since we had a catastrophic SSD failure on one of our rented servers, which caused the loss of many services including I&A and TeamSpeak. As of now; The TeamSpeak is back online! All pilots will, once again, now be required to join TeamSpeak to fly The TeamSpeak is still under reconstruction and will be undergoing some changes. It is currently an 80% solution. We do not expect any further downtime at this stage; However, we will endeavour to keep you informed as we are informed. We apologise for the delays in returning this service. Feel free to come and drop in for a chat. See you in the field! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hamish [TEF]

    Mate you've got nothing on me lol I'm sure I have pissed many off with my rants, it happens to all of us I think, everyone has bad days now and then :)
  9. Tim

  10. HellaMadMax

    Point farming victim during survival
  11. the tank guy

    im 28, yet i screamed and cussed at a few people in the server like child having a tantrum. im sorry. if theres anyone in the server that thinks i hate them over something, i most likely forgot it. if u see me in the server and talk to me i will gladly give u a more specific apology.
  12. Josh_ua

    Fort @Goose_
  13. WogBat

    How is everyone going? I hope all are well. Here are some photos of A3M, post some of your own
  14. Thanks for the Heads up Fitz! I will continue to donate untill i reach the $150 mark! If i only want to play PVE, do i Donate to Invade & Annex Server or Wasteland Server? I have been playing Battle Patrol & that is a level of play i am comfortable with at my present ability on the game. I have been hacked a couple of times so i have not been able to play!

    1. Oz Andy

      Oz Andy

      Sorry Fitz, got the full message on my mobile mate & i have just sorted that! Now i will get your messages on my mobile from Straya mate. I will try Invade & Annex mate? Will donate in next couple days! Love your work bud

    2. Fitz


      Yes Oz, Invade & Annex is the one. Cheers


    Hey guys, finally decided to join the forums. I am a part of the Arma 3 Invade and Annex community and want to become a part of a regular party or squad, so let me know if you are keen! Been playing Arma 2 and Arma 3 for a while and glad to be here! Cheers
  16. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 19/9/2021 After an overwhelming week and the previous week, it has been a tough decision to narrow down a specific player. So rather than instigate an aneurism, we have identified three players who have come to our attention that need to be identified and commended for their efforts. Your Player’s of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team are Weary Dig, Sky Monster and Lt Toad Congratulations Weary Dig, Sky Monster and [L11] Toad Weary Dig – Another great example of a player who knows the objectives and approaches the objectives with a tactical plan. An auto rifleman who plays throughout the day and has been a part of the Straya family and community for some time. Well respected and always willing to help and engage with other players. Extremely handy to have when in a firefight with CSAT. One should never dismiss the ability of a 5.56 when in the hands of a competent Autorifleman. @Sky Monster– A regular player with the IA Community and well respected. Was identified for his efforts in assisting, providing guidance to new players and for his approach and targeting of the side missions. We are always very supportive of players who take the time out to provide any assistance to new players, it builds repour and respect and this week Sky Monster has excelled at that. Well done and well earned. [L11] Toad – Plays as a medic and also been flying the helis. Has come to notice over the past few weeks and continues to play his role well, engages well with other plays and knows what is needed to gain the upper hand and more than happy to work towards it. Made a great impression and great to see players diverse into multiple roles and gain experience from different perspectives. Honourable Mentions: @Deagle – Another long-term player and plays the role as a HAT. Very handy to have when faced with the CSAT armour, especially if there are more than one. Makes every effort to even the odds. Plays early morning and into the day and has earned the respect of players and staff. Great to see players with this calibre leading by example. Hansolo – Plays as an Auto rifleman, slinging a 9.3 beast and does a damn good job of it too. Very handy in a defend to reel off lead into the advancing CSAT or laying down cover fire while sprinting to the next objective. A good player who helps out where he can, well done, bring it on. Roki – a rifleman that has been a constant player on IA for sometime and has proven to be a good seasoned player who communicates well and also knows the objectives and tactics to engage CSAT. Still collecting gold as he goes and known to carry explosive, multi skilled as he targets the CSAT towers and has managed this week to excel at the latter. Communicates well with players and staff, and likes to also play the Tanoa server. Top effort Roki. Newman – A player who has come to light as a reliable medic, one who definitely plays his role well, and knows the responsibilities and what is crucial in ensuring players are back on their feet to ensure they gain the advantage in finalising the objectives. Weaving across between the towers in a defend making every effort to get to those who need it. GauRus – One of our international players who has come to the attention of staff for his medically skills, always there in the heat of whatever CSAT deals, slithering across on his belly to get players up. A complete disregard to CSATS onslaught, makes the effort and albeit sometimes is unsuccessful, regardless makes the attempt in any case. Awesome effort and better to try and fail than do nothing. A fantastic week, an increase of new players and a lot more players adopting for the pilot roles and the learning curve that comes with it. Really great to see those wanting to learn in all roles, be guided and shown by the senior players on the server. You know who you are, thank you, your efforts have been noted. Again Congratulations to the Player’s of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  17. Metallic

    They are
  18. Raymondp

    Why don't they just make a Straya FiveM server? Could bring back the OGs
  19. Teekay

    And this is how it should be done. "Autobots Roll Out!" Teekay
  20. Rogmantosh

    Tanking is difficult and people don't think to move out of the way, or run directly in-front, of a 65T vehicle that has very limited vision. There are methods in place to prevent people from borrowing your vehicle. before you activate the vehicle get into your own group using the U menu. then activate the vehicle and you will have access to a lock/unlock command. Only you or anyone in your group can enter the vehicle. In saying that, the server is a co-op server and requires co-operation, a fully crewed tank is far better than a single crewed tank, glad you are putting the hand out to try and get more players to utilise the heavy vehicles. In regards to the restricting you from vehicles. to be restricted from vehicles you need a threat rating of 4, each person you damaged or killed, who reports your actions, increases your threat rating by 0.5 as default. For players on the watchlist, you are not, the threat increases by 1 for each report. With that in mind to get to a threat rating of 4 you would of had to damage or kill 8 friendlies over the course of the session (6 hours). There is also a dedicated Teamspeak channel for Ironside if you want to make use of it, server address is ts.straya.life. If you haven't been on the teamspeak before you will need to accept the improvement of security pop-up that comes when first joining. or if discord is more of your thing you can use the voice channels in there at http://discord.straya.life/. Once you have selected the new session from "Voice Channel" you will need to go into "VC Commands" and type .voice unlock which will allow others to join you there. If you have any questions, queries or doubtful points feel free to open a discord support ticket and select the I&A service. One of the staff will be able to assist you.
  21. Teekay

    Leading the charge into the battle the right way, don't understand why today a certain player on the server tried to drive my tank away after trekking it 11km to the AO, thinks he is entitled to it whilst im in the gun spot, after i tell him repeatedly to get out, he gets cut, he then unknowingly lays down in front of the tank whilst i cant see him and naturally gets killed and reports me. Then i have my Ironside role access stripped for apparent teamkilling, but with no evidence im left to cop it. Those that game with me until 4.30am know that im no Team killer and an active Engineer or Ironside member when it calls for armour. Im not naming and shaming players, as there is no reason to. But if you wanna be a team player jump in the tank or vehicle with me at spawn and communicate. Teekay
  22. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 5/9/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Jamsheed Congratulations Jamsheed Jamsheed: - Plays as a medic and is a classic as he always makes sure he does everything he can to get to you, has strapped to his back an RPG, pretty good use of it against armour, attack helis etc. Has gained the respect from his team mates, comes up with some classic chat in text and has earned the reputation as a great medic. Well done RPG God, enjoy the perks and whitelisting. Honourable Mentions: Romeo Victor – A player who has come a long way as a pilot. Initially had some issues with the role, initially attracted some negative attention however had some personal input from Straya Staff with his piloting and has over the past week really stepped up, become reliable, gained his confidence and increased his skills and built a good repour and resulted in a fantastic improvement. Great effort Romeo, your efforts have been noted and your ability as heli pilot has resulted in a real positive. [L11] Toad – Front line grunt who has been playing pretty solid over the past couple of weeks, Noted to sometimes wear a wetsuit and carry fins on his pack, maybe expecting a water entrance when a chopper goes down in the event he can swim ashore. Regardless a great effort and a player who knows the tactics and objectives and is always up the front leading the charge. Roki – a rifleman that has been playing IA for sometime and has proven to be reliable, communicates well and also knows the objectives and tactics to engage CSAT. Likes a little gold and loves playing with explosives, targeting the tower if the opportunity is there. Engages well with players and staff and is respected. Also likes to mix it up on the Tanoa server. Nice. [WP] Pepa – Fairly new to the server however has played as a medic and noted to make the effort and plays the role well. Has transitioned to pilot, has made a really solid effort in getting troops and coordinating ammo drops and FOB resupplies over the past week. Great attitude, albeit if given the chance would steal Ratso’s rainbow skin of his carcass. Top effort Pepa. @the tank guy – Normally seen rumbling across the frontline, weaving through the streets in a tank, however this week has been seen actively engaging on foot in the front line early in the morning and late into the day. Communicates well with players, has done an outstanding job in getting the objectives sorted and always a tactical player. A fantastic week, a lot of new players and an increase in those wanting to pilot and also in the front line roles. Congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  23. When starting an aircargo job, the cessna spawns about 4 feet from the hangar, facing directly into it, making it impossible to turn away from it.
  24. Yeah that would definitely make it harder to press.
  25. Adding it to the home menu is a bit of a pain and not as easy for players to access. Would making the binding Ctrl+Tab be better?
  26. BigRed

    Player of the Week 22/8/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Congratulations Almond Almond – Took the role as the Mortar Gunner and from BigReds perspective did a damn good job at it, strategically placing his mortars in large groups of CSAT preventing their advance to the HQ. If you look up the Joint Fires doctrine for any western military, you’ll find good communications in the first couple of chapters. This is true for Almond, the whole time communicating with the forward line of troops, and getting those mortar tubes hot as hell! Honourable Mentions: @Jason – a medic who is hell bent on ensuring he gets as many up as possible that have fallen victim to CSAT. Noted in several defends to do whatever is required to ensure players are patched up while still engaging the enemy and to those who were down. Has an attraction to gold having collected 31 gold teeth this week. @Deagle– Plays several roles although generally a medic and one that has been with IA for a while. A player that knows the objectives and what is required and one that can be relied upon and has earned the respect of players and staff alike. Has a sweet spot for levelling CSAT radio towers with 14 taken down this week alone. Great job Deagle. Lt Toad– Frontline player who is not only good with a gun, but handy behind the sticks of a Blackfish or heli. Making a great impression on the server, fair, helps where he can and knows the order of objectives and what is required. Nice. Again congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  27. The supply crates at the crate area at base currently feature randomized inventories this causes issues with being able to pick up a crate straight away and send it to HQ in a defend. You don't know what's in it, sometimes they will have guns with only a few rounds for them. and a low chance that everyone is able to use those weapons due to load-out restrictions (Mainly an issue with the large crates but still affects the small one) This proposal would be to use the vanilla crate load outs again which lets the pilots take less time to deliver useful supplies to the AO. The large vanilla crates have a nice range of weaponry which is able to be used by almost all roles.
  28. Put simply you're hovering above your drop zone and you tell everyone to fast rope out but then everyone is unable to fast rope in time because you accidentally hit the tab key disabling fast roping. I believe this option would be much better not being on a keybind but under the home menu in the options. This way the pilots who use fast roping don't need to worry about making sure it's enabled and vice versa for those who don't like fast roping
  29. Humaine

    How to: Slingload to the FOB Again, the Basics for this. So players can help with logistics for the FOB. Heavily cut ... so sorry if its a bit disorientating when you watch it...
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