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    +1 nuggy for president. Good rp'r and not afraid of foot patrols
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    I cant Spell
  5. DawnTemplers

    As DJ said Puffy you can have one base that uses the regular safe zone but its restricted to one per faction meaning even if you have multiple faction members who have separate bases only one will be able to have the regular safe zone so that if all the other bases get destroyed they have at least something to restart from without being completely wiped. And getting wiped tends to drive most new players away from servers due to Alpha PvP factions attacking them.
  6. PuffyKinkaChu

    I think regular safe zone blocks should be removed and keep offline safe zone if we're keeping the no offline raiding rule keeping the regular safe zones allows someone to be untouchable 24/7
  7. DJ_JoozBrorg

    I will give my thoughts about this Topic as a Player and also as a staff Member, first off ill give my opinion a player. Player: As a player playing the Server I have found the Offline Safe-Zone very useful, If I'm travelling though space and I come across a base I can see the Offline Safe-Zone and know that that Faction is not online then I move along to the next place, I think without them more and more people will fall victim to accidental Offline-Raiding. Staff: As a Staff Member moderating the server the Offline Safe-Zones are there to help player not to make the mistake of accidental Offline-Raiding, as we do have a Server Rule as below. Offline raiding is prohibited. If a faction member is online all grids owned by their faction can be raided. If you find a grid with no members of the owning faction online, then you cannot raid/attack it. This rule was set in place to allow a balance between PVE/PVP players, Players that are PVE wont be wiped over night by a player lurking around a players base spawning NPC's to attack their base over night and also if you want to raid a Player base prepare to have some risk along with it, A raid should not be as easy as sitting afar from a players grid and sniping out turrets. Regarding Safe-Zones Blocks we currently have a limit of 1 per Faction this was set in place to allow each Faction to have 1 base safe from raids but meaning Faction outposts will be able to get raided by PVP players if the Faction is online.
  8. Space engineers already has an inbuilt method for preventing offline raiding with a end game device called a safezone which needs to be maintained by acquiring safezone chips. This mod defeats the purpose of going to through the effort of building one of these devices and putting in the effort to maintain it. Offline raiding is not an issue specific to space engineers and occurs on almost all online sandbox games in one form or another and given that there is in fact an inbuilt feature of the game that allows players to protect against this if they are willing to put the effort in to acquire it, it doesn't make sense to make this in-game feature redundant by offering blanket protection to everyone who makes themselves a faction, if they want there stuff to be protected when they are offline they should go through the effort of making a safezone, And if the staff wanted to they could make acquisition of these safezones easier by adding safezone chips to the rewards list. In conclusion there doesn't need to be a mod this redundant in the mod list.
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    The HEAT part of that statement is untrue, unfortunately. Laser-Guided (And Guided) are just HE shells with extra sauce, being the guided element. I'm sure the extra shell types would be nice, I don't know if they'll be monumental in changing how Mortar Gunner plays but there'll be some more fun to be had. (From my brief testing in the editor, you're limited to 8 Laser guided shells. This seems to be the case for all the shells that aren't HE (Smoke, Flares etc.).) Mortar gunner works best with a dedicated spotter, no need to wait for some muppet to piss their pants and finally call for support when they're overwhelmed. Unfortunately, finding such a spotter can be hard, as most players want to get their own kills. Calling in CAS (and other means of support) perhaps acts more of an ace in the hole when they're up against a superior enemy (i.e an MBT or APC). JTAC seems to fit the role perfectly for this, especially if they're observing from a safe distance. (However, in my experience, when a JTAC is on, mortar gunner is empty ) Mortar gunner is in a peculiar place. The role is capable of so much but is limited by the coordination needed to properly use it to its full potential. A lone mortar gunner calling for fire requests seems to be the norm for the role at the moment. Throwing more tools for the mortar gunner to use isn't gonna solve the human issue. Perhaps if we increase its visible presence in the side channel, more people will use it. I'm thinking of something like a kill report/announcement in the side channel after a large multi-kill. If players see that mortar gunner is effective, they'll be more likely to call in fire missions (hopefully). This isn't a problem of a lack of killing potential, but rather the inability to harness it effectively.
  11. Rogmantosh

    The life of a tanker is definitely a difficult one, distance to travel, fuel requirements and the constant need for resupply; not to mention the near on immediate destruction from a stray missile. Tanking can be a lot of fun especially with other members. Good luck in your tanking adventures!
  12. the tank guy

    This game is worthless to me without the challenge. The challenge is why I drive kilometers each server block. It is my challenge and I need no praise or glory for it. I need no sympathy for failing it. Upon server reset it begins and the variables that will stop me from completing this challenge are uncountable and have no pattern to learn from. The challenge in writing sounds simple enough but it is different for every person for everyone holds themselves to their own standards. Justify your use of the Tank in a server where you are completely unnecessary, obsolete, and old tool. There is an abundance of talent in the straya server. Master pilots, master HAT troops, master snipers, master rifleman, master everything is in this server, and your all making me work my ass off every server reset to justify it. yes u are all variables in the way of my challenge and I find myself in a desperate competition against CAS and all other support vehicles. I wouldn't have it any other way though, it wouldn't be fun if it was easy. My tank will be the tip of the spear and the soldiers behind me will be the base and together we will plunge ourselves through the heart of the frontlines. If you your petty like me and keep checking the score board you may have thought this was about tank kills. Its part of it yes {a tank should prioritize the killing of other tanks} but that is not good enough for me. I will be the bane of enemy vehicles and ill do it while being the wall between our medics and hell. You will find me near the wounded not because I want to be your hero, no I am your slave driver and I will drive u relentlessly through the AO until it is done so I can get to killing the next fleet of armored vehicles. This is my challenge and though I have received praise from the server, my challenge is far from over. It may never be over for at the end the end of the game I look at the scoreboard and say "i could of done better"
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  15. Captain Ratso

    Player of the Week 28/2/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Glory501 Congratulations @Glory501: – pilot and also likes to play in the field. Great skills to be able to diverse between the two, so his perspective of what ground troops rely and require from a pilot is definitely an advantage. A pilot that does his utmost to get you to you AO, with a good overall result in succeeding. Continues to provide a fantastic job, gets involved in the discussions in the TS channel and group chat and willing to help anyone who needs it. Honourable Mentions: Clockie: – Continues to come to the attention of players and staff with his overall approach to the game. Solid playing style as a medic and overall a good all-rounder in carrying explosive as well as his excellent dental skills in managing to extract gold and add to his financial portfolio. Definitely a medic that can be relied on and more importantly a player who is always there willing to do what he can and help those who need it. Did I mention the 19 towers he bought down this week, rumour has it CSAT are seriously considering revoking their cheap imported steel and buying BHP. Styx: – Fast approaching a Veteran player on the IA server, well respected and knows exactly what needs to be done to reach an objective. Definitely a force to be reckoned with plays as a medic and is always leading by example and getting in-capped players up and back into the fight. Gets on very well with players both new an old. Has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to strategic approaches and the way to approach the objectives to gain the upper hand and along the way leave a trail of CSAT that tried to defy his tasks. @Appu:– Still holding his ground and playing well on the server, early morning and sometimes comes on again late into the evening. Plays a multiple of roles in the front line and targets all the objectives which include the mortar pit and AA. Has had several honourable mentions over the past few weeks, very well deserved and is still on the radar as a strong candidate to take out the top position. Cookies: – Generally plays as a medic and a pilot but as of late has been flouting his abilities in a tank and doing a fairly good job overall. Steep learning curve but is getting ahead inch by inch. Communicates well in game with his fellow Blufor team. Keep up the effort Cookies your doing a great job. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  16. Corporal Kerry

    I think this is the coolest feature in Arma 3 DEV build, the ability to reshape the terrain. This would be very useful to make caves and rivers, or a runway extending into the ocean.
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  18. Smith

    Inspector Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not entitled to the rank Inspector and it can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your EOI, if you do it will be denied. Name: Smith Callsign: S09M Assignment: Academy Supervisor Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) Over the past couple of months as a senior Sargent I have worked very hard in academy and on GD to help those needing assistance and guiding those junior ranks that wish to plot a path to a more senior position, I have dedicated myself to my work ever since I joined Academy and the APD, I have worked hard alongside my peers to help through situations and through situations on GD, I deserve this promotion because I believe I would be a valuable asset to the command team and to the academy team due to my dedication and my over all performance since the day I joined, this is just my opinion I'm sure you all have other views but hopefully ill be working alongside you in the command team soon! Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Sir_Nuggy @Carreck @Nicholai. @luXus6 @Smokey @Megafortress @Antho @Kristian Davis @Roddy @Andrew Authento @Jewbacca @Hunterr @Prophecy @Barry Madden @Metallic @Jacko @.Sean @Dallas Edgar @Weaver @Citric @Orange-inal @HAMME @Jarrod
  19. Ticker175

    My main argument for trying to get these rounds added is so mortars are more likely to be called in as they would be suited to more tasks not so they don’t have to be called in I’ve used smoke mortars on the server and they are extremely underpowered the amount of smoke they create is pathetic. So I don’t think that people spamming smoke all over the place will be much of an issue. I think the laser guided rounds would be great because they are HEAT and will be able to damage enemy’s tanks. They are also laser guided so infantry will be able to call in mortars on an area and guide the mortars towards the intended target even if they are moving away from their original position
  20. Fitz

    All those other rounds would require a call-in anyway. We don't want people spamming smoke shells all over the place, most are in fact not helping. Laser-guided rounds could be ok, but they are unlikely to be much more effective than the standard ones considering the way these fire support requests work at the moment.
  21. Please this is long overdue Not sure if it’s possible but a inventory like system similar to player loadouts would do just fine
  22. Ticker175

    I don’t see why we only have access to HE and flare mortars. I understand the removal of mine shells and the heat seeking shells but why the laser guided and smoke. I think these would be very useful and would improve teamwork between a mortar team and infantry in the AO it would also give the mortar gunner something else to do because 90% of the time the mortar gunner role entails waiting for call ins and trying to convince people to call u in, so if they had a bigger selection of rounds they would get used more
  23. Roddy

    One of the best cop men i have met by far in the apd. He takes care of everyone during serious situations in gd , banks and whenever we get ****ed. A really good gaymer and deserves inspector Also a big brainer.
  24. Ticker175

    I thought it would be pretty cool if there was a leaderboard for sniper kills similar to the leaderboards for medics and tower ranger
  25. Kristian Davis

    General Duties Inspector EOI Name: Kristian Davis Callsign: S03M Assignment: General Duties Why do you deserve a promotion?: In the many months of being in a supervisor role within GD, I developed into a better and more mature person, I believe my strengths, experiences and knowledge in leadership and tactics for GD/Operations has proven me as a capable commander and advisor. Being an easily approachable and active Senior Sergeant has allowed me the opportunity to teach and assist the lower ranks with their queries and point them in the right direction while also dishing out constructive criticism or minor wake-up calls. My attitude towards the APD and it's officers has always been one with respect and unquestionable dedication, with that being said, I'm always up for the challenge that could not only benefit myself but those around me so I take this opportunity to apply for the future command team to assist those who I serve with. Who would recommend you for a promotion?: Nuggy, Smith, Miller, Fedora, Aza, Mudman, Weaver, Andrew, Luxus, Metallic, Carreck, Sparrow and whoever else likes this post. Note: By placing this expression of interest you aren't entitled to the rank Inspector and it can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Don't bother anyone about your EOI, if you do it will be denied.
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