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  2. .Scorpion

    Hell to the **** yes.
  3. AidanC

    Good Evening Wastelanders! We're proud to announce the release of Wasteland Malden this weekend! From early Saturday morning we will be changing from our beloved Stratis to Malden. A majority of the content will remain the same, with small edits made to accommodate the map change. Please let us know of your feedback here or in Discord. Regards, The Wasteland Team
  4. Yesterday
  5. Captain Ratso

    Oooh yeah, started with Krishna music then ramped up the 1960's best hits
  6. Main User

    Running around today being medic and I find a wild Ratso jamming out to some music whilst murdering multiple CSAT Troops
  7. Last week
  8. Knoah

    Player of the Week 22/11/2020 Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Aussie_Cowboy - Congratulations! A great medic with a solid reputation of making every point in getting to you, handy with a gun in a defence and constantly on the move not only engaging the enemy, but unleashing a torrent of lead onto them, whilst still having a great bedside manner to get you back on your feet in the even you cop a bullet or a GBU when least expecting it. Great effort in the defends. On behalf of myself and all the Straya Gaming staff, it is my absolute pleasure to award Aussie_cowboy with Player of the Week! Honourable Mentions: Roki - Another front-line player who is always amongst it, good to have on your side working a little at a time to move forward into enemy territory. Very handy with a gun and always supportive of other players, polite and leads by example. Well done Roki. PrimeCrayfish - plays as a frontline line rifleman and HAT, useful to have around and always seems to get himself face to face with armour, successful on some, sometimes not, but his resistance and resilience to engage and keep going forward into the frontline is inspiring. Well played Prime Crayfish. @KrytoRarman - A medic and one of those you can rely on to get to you when you need some patching up. Goes to the effort of revving regardless of distance. Always around and if you happen to be in the healing zone, he will be the one that will attempt to get you up. Also partial to gold, sometimes the changing noise of his gold tooth necklace is a tell tail sign his close by. Good all-round effort, handy with a gun and another good example of a player who enjoys the game and plays well and more importantly does the role proud.
  9. Metallic

    Server is dead because server is banned
  10. Alatz

    Server is deader than Hitler
  11. Zarco

    Im up for a little straya cqc
  12. Idk about you ****s but I'm getting pretty ****ing bored these days. All I want is a night on straya gaming that is comparable to the lockdown days when the server had like 70 people on and the cop to civ ratio wasn't ****ed. Surely everyone stops beating their meat for 4 hours and jumps on tomorrow night for a bit of straya gaming cancer that we all love.
  13. Metallic

    Nah man, server not dead, it'd get an update in a few years or so
  14. Earlier
  15. Unit_3397

    I like it. While many aspects of the game are unfinished as it is early access, it is still enjoyable. I have yet to experience anything game-breaking. You can always demo the game by purchasing the game through steam. As long as you play under 2 hours, you can refund it no questions asked. Check out one of Spiffling brit's video on the game. It shows some of the current/ now patched exploits/ glitches that have been sighted about.
  16. kuma_au

    Very much alive. Aussie servers start filling up at around 11am on weekdays, and are generally populated till 1am onwards. Even more so on weekends. Come play with us!
  17. [FSK] Nikolai

    Will you guys be hosting another Among us event I missed the last one
  18. [FSK] Nikolai

    Is Mount & Blade Bannerlord any good
  19. [FSK] Nikolai

    Chadd hitting different
  20. [FSK] Nikolai

    Sadly through all the good times and the years of this community being amazing it has unfortunately died
  21. [FSK] Nikolai

    I like to bring some kid to a church and read him bible verses with the boys!
  22. [FSK] Nikolai

    Is Squad worth buying or is it dead?
  23. [FSK] Nikolai

    Is the stryagaming rust server any good and does it have a high pop?
  24. [FSK] Nikolai

  25. [FSK] Nikolai

    Isn't waste land dead?
  26. [FSK] Nikolai

    Hey guys just wanted to know if we have finally admitted the server has died officially and we cant save it? Also I had a lot of good times on Atlis life from killing cops, stealing kidneys and having my way with people in a church. I will always miss those moments and its sad to see it go, can we get a RIP in the chat.
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