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  2. Yeet

    Player Of The Week 27/09! Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @Flipper_IA! Flipper has been consitently mentioned throughout the past weeks as a potential candidate so its about time he gets it not to mention the valiant perfomance he put on display this week as a top medic - whether under withering fire during a HQ defend or after a marathon run across an AO you always seem to be able to get there. Well done. We hope you enjoy the well deserved months whitelist, Flipper! Honourable Mentions: Lenko, as with Flipper, this week you have been tremendous with those operating scissors and occlusive dressings keeping our fighting force mostly together apart from a few missing limbs. Props from us all for how well you've done. @Taco We don't usually keep score of infantry kills, but I think if we did, you would be at the top for this week. You are one formidable rifleman and I'm not really sure if we even need any supporting assets when your online, seems like you can take the fight no matter the odds. Good fighting, keep it up.
  3. FedoraTheExplora

    All DLC weapons bar the Creator DLCs are in the server, you should be able to find em in the arsenal. Creator DLCs can't be added due to them being treated like a mod rather than a DLC- hence why no Arma 3 service has any guns or assets from Global Mobilization.
  4. Turbanator

    They’ve been in the server for a while now

    Would it be possible to implement the vanilla DLC's to the server? Particularly the weapons from the Marksman and Tanks expansions. Would be nice to open up the depth of in game weapons whilst maintaining the realism.
  6. Yesterday
  7. kuma_au

    Yeh, seen that. Put in my vote, sadly missed the Saturday session. Missed the 1 chance this week of playing Fallujah invasion sadface. If these invasion map weekends become popular is there a good chance of it becoming a bit more common? Should I direct people to voice their opinions here? If you can't tell I'm a huge fan of invasion, also insurgency.
  8. UpNatom

    I just joined my first game of squad on the straya server, was told i would be kicked from the squad if i didn't change the marksmen class. I'll wait until someone can show me the ropes. lol
  9. Mr Chu

    @kuma_au sorry for the delay in responding, we are currently running a community voted invasion layer on saturday and sunday afternoons. The vote can be found on our discord in the #squad channel
  10. Last week
  11. Captain Ratso

    Hey there @UpNatom good to see you on board.
  12. bodyboarder2528

    hey welcome
  13. Josh_ua

    Howdy @UpNatom
  14. UpNatom

    hi guys, just signed in and saying hello!
  15. Midnight

    Thats perfect. Pretty much exactly what i wanted. Thanks for the info!
  16. Mr Chu

    At the moment, we are trying to aim for every 2-3 maps as Fallujah also taking into account ensuring everyone gets a chance to play MEA. So for instance, if we have fallujah with MEA as team 2, the next map might be one of the new layers that has MEA as team 2 again meaning both sides / teams rotate and get to play MEA once every 2 maps. Then we will run a fallujah again or another potentially another existing map / layer to ensure diversity in the rotation and giving everyone a taste of squad in general! How often will we have 100 player games? Servers set for 100 players so every day providing we get a seed, we should hit 100 easily enough. Last night showed there was at least 800-900 players in oceania across all the servers and queues!
  17. Heyo! i want to address the release of squad and future of strayagaming with this, how often will we be using the new maps? how often will we have 100 player games? how often will we be using the new nation? (middle eastern alliance) i wanted to ask this because i speak for quite a few players when i say we want more of the new stuff
  18.  IP: rust2.straya.life:28015 Server Wipe: 24/09/2020 @ 4PM AEST Weekly Wipe/Bi-Weekly Blueprint Wipe Solo/Duo/Trio 2x Gather Quick Smelt Quick Crafting Default Level 1 Blueprints Unlocked Additional Quality Of Life Modifications
  19. Fitz

    Will look into removing the grenades
  20. bohamma

    or alternatively increase his hp or armour
  21. bohamma

    could you guys look into removing grenades from the csat units that spawn in the house with the pow, they sometimes mess up and just blow themselves up failing the missions, cheers
  22. I like to put the Hawk to bed and grab a cold one on the beach
  23. Fitz

    Happens to some people occasionally. You will need to try restarting your router, using a VPN, or waiting for server restart.

    Having issue logging on thismorning; battleeye autokicks after around 15 seconds. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  25. SoulStealer

    I think you're moving in the right direction
  26. Earlier
  27. Knoah

    Player Of The Week 20/09! The Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is @WIZZ ! Wizz has been a great player both early morning and throughout the week with Medic and front line. They're a great person in the community who helps out other players well and helps out with anyone who needs some help. Honourable Mentions: Chicken, has been on as a medic, and played quite a bit, He showed a lot of determination and went the distance regardless of where you were, He put his life at risk to charge and pick people up. @Flipper has been a great in supporting troops in armour and in transporting troops on the ground. He has been useful in lasing targets for CAS and has also played very well as a medic.
  28. AidanC

    G'day Wastelanders! The Development Team is currently putting their blood, sweat and tears into a classified upcoming mission. We here in the Wasteland Team have decided it's time to inform you of their mission coming in the near future. Where are we going? Malden! Keep an eye out for our guys in the field. We will be updating you all in the near future. Regards, Wasteland Staff
  29. AidanC

    Wasteland Version 7.2

    Hey Wastelanders, RHS Ends tonight and the latest iteration of vanilla wasteland goes live. Below are the changes. Special thanks to LameSlayer and Tyler for the hard work! Regards, The Wasteland Staff Team.
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