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  1. FarmerGeorge98

    I do not personally agree with this, but i have some ideas for the re-spawn timer. Make it that Medics can deny peoples rev request and make re-spawn timer go straight to 30 seconds, instead of waiting 3:30 all up (extra 1:30 when you click request) Possibly make the re-spawn timer 1 minute. And if someone request medic it extends for another minute Make Medics that are Senior Paramedic + only aloud to accept/deny request's so Pubslot/trolls just dont accept and not go to the rev. Or add all 3 in the above. As for Combat-logs, the only solution I have is to make it when someone combat-logs they get sent to prison for 10 minutes. Just an idea end of the day, Open for more feedback
  2. FarmerGeorge98

    OI. Its fun for me alright
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  4. FarmerGeorge98

    @iamjack Give this man a promo.
  5. FarmerGeorge98

    Your @ ing the wrong people ......
  6. FarmerGeorge98

    there is a lot of work that needs to be done. just brainstorm some idea and pass them onto kat a bouda. and hope something gets done
  7. FarmerGeorge98

    add in a feature where if you request a medic and a medic cannot come to your aid then its cancels the request and but its back on the 3 min timer.
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    still gloating about killing Zarco. .
  10. FarmerGeorge98

    "AREA 51"
  11. FarmerGeorge98

    The first step in that, Getting skepta perm banned
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    Hey @Fitz Good to see you on I&A PS. Keep up the great work
  15. FarmerGeorge98

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