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    1. FarmerGeorge98

      there is a lot of work that needs to be done. just brainstorm some idea and pass them onto kat a bouda. and hope something gets done
    2. FarmerGeorge98

      add in a feature where if you request a medic and a medic cannot come to your aid then its cancels the request and but its back on the 3 min timer.
    3. FarmerGeorge98

    4. FarmerGeorge98

      still gloating about killing Zarco. .
    5. FarmerGeorge98

      "AREA 51"
    6. FarmerGeorge98

      The first step in that, Getting skepta perm banned
    7. FarmerGeorge98

    8. FarmerGeorge98


    9. FarmerGeorge98

      Hey @Fitz Good to see you on I&A PS. Keep up the great work
    10. FarmerGeorge98

      Detectives FarmerGeorge 76561198312218367 Daniel Wallace 76561198087329728 Dandoo 76561198804599039 PhatBallz 76561198839679150 citric 76561198145807701 Holski 76561198077457911
    11. FarmerGeorge98

      ACCEPTED @Jack Liam Welcome to the APD! As a Probationary Constable, you will be placed on a 1 week probation period in which you must use your taser rifle. Any breach of protocols will result in removal from the APD. Your Taser probation will expire on the 2/04/2019 It may take up to 48 hours to be whitelisted to your new rank on Altis Life.
    12. FarmerGeorge98

      Name: FarmerGeorge Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted):76561198312218367 Date of Disciplinary Action: 04/02/2019 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: APD Strike Who were you Disciplined by Corey and MIlkdud Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Failing to listen to the Server Manager and continuing to raid a house during a server event and not putting the loot back in the house when told too. Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] I believe that my APD Strike should be removed because since the incident I have been trying to push detectives and house raids in an even better direction to benefit not only Detectives but the APD itself, I have made a Document with the help of my 2IC and Team-lead to assist the future and current Command team/Senior detectives, so when they do a house raid there should be no dramas in the future. I have also run many house raid in the last month and so far (touch wood) they all have been successful with 0 incidents happening. Any other information: Again I would like to apologize to Mitch and everyone else that has been affected in this I feel like a complete idiot and I will make sure that stuff like this will never happen again. Thank you for reading this and I am Sorry.
    13. FarmerGeorge98

      We need to land this missile in the ocean
    14. FarmerGeorge98

      // DENIED @Michael Desanta Unfortunately your application has been denied for the following reason(s): 1. Failed your Interview 2. Application had insufficient information 3. Providing false information 4. Unable to fulfil duties as an Officer 5. Failed to appear for Interview Your application has been denied. You may reapply in 7 Days. If you have any issues or questions please contact a member of Academy.
    15. FarmerGeorge98

      // PENDING @Fegget Please join the Interview Waiting Room on ts.straya.life for an interview. Interview Checklist 1. A Positive Attitude 2. Your Application Link 3. Your Ticket List, 10 Codes & Protocols 4. Be Prepared To Explain Roleplay Situations 5. Your Knowledge of Basic General Duties Processes You have 7 days to show up for this interview. Failure to show up will result in the denial of your application. If you have any issues with the above please contact a member of Academy.
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