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    1. FarmerGeorge98

      The sky is the limit.
    2. FarmerGeorge98

      Good bye 2ic.Det.jewbacca. you will be missed
    3. FarmerGeorge98

      If you have a problem Please fill out a complaint form. Here's the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd6nkcgFrNKGkZYs7KqR8uVGNeOVbnxNz-9bCSO-vXiearRXQ/viewform?usp=send_form Enjoy your Weekend Happy @Nevetos xD
    4. FarmerGeorge98

    5. FarmerGeorge98

      Also Get rid of the flags and have it if Ur in the area you start capturing it. and if someone else is in the area too it says contested. Other wise people will just camp the flags
    6. FarmerGeorge98

      I think now that we have "small money and large money" for the rewards of the capture zone we should add in Gang funds so the money can go into there.
    7. FarmerGeorge98

      Detectives + a Couple GD Team 1 @FarmerGeorge98 2 @Mbolt5 3 @Jewbacca 4 @Uncle Toby 5 @Porter 6 @Ash
    8. FarmerGeorge98

    9. FarmerGeorge98

      no it has happen to me in the past as well with a hunter. it is a legit vehicle i will find the photo for you
    10. FarmerGeorge98

      Again more lies. cause 90 percent of the time, i see him logging back onto the server. also Prime example is when i sent him for 7 years. as soon as he got send he alt f4. Here is s a pic
    11. FarmerGeorge98

      Lies Lies Lies, if you fail to break him out. they will just Alt F4 to save there bounty. cause having a high bounty makes you look cool in front of all the epic gamer guys
    12. FarmerGeorge98

      lol what a meme. if you have a problem with me im more and happy to talk to you about it. Oh also can your gang members stop alt f4'ing when we kill you to "save your bounty" and combat logging when you get sent to jail while we are watching you. also stop trying to bait cop to meta game ur name so you can take us to helpdesk all day. GO be rebels and fight other gangs then being trolls. 
    13. FarmerGeorge98

      When will theses be added?
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