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  1. [LF] Kerry

    I think we could add Department of Correction officers and make those officers defend it and have the necessary stuff like Teamspeak channels. And have the department as a sub wing of General Duties and have the appropriate training to the officers to be able to deal with situations that may occur in the prison such as non-cooperating prisoners and prison breaks. I think it would be pretty fun and a great roleplay experience. Recommendations: Make it where Prob. Constables have to mandatorily protect the DOC for a short amount of time while on their taser probation for a week to gain experience on how to communicate with other officers and the daily life of an Altis police officer before they go on duty and experience the real thing. And chadd I agree
  2. [LF] Kerry

    yo can we delete this
  3. [LF] Kerry

    It says that you collect it. it doesn't say that you share it with third parties such as Google by having it on your website by default. Also, Can a moderator lock this thread thanks for the replies everybody.
  4. [LF] Kerry

    I have no clue how you can just assume this goodjob.
  5. [LF] Kerry

    I'd rather sign up for facebook than use ie
  6. [LF] Kerry

    Already do. This is not for me it's for other people
  7. [LF] Kerry

    Hey, So I am just wondering if the website can remove google analytics and other sorts of tracking from the website unless disclosing to us that is being used or give us a way to somehow disable it. I have already got the Google Tracking and analytic IP Addresses blocked from my web browser. What I'm trying to get at is please just disable the google tracking from your website since I don't think it gives us as the users and special benefits other than Google tracking our every move and I know that I sound like I need a tin foil hat. huh ok. (window['ga-disable-GA_TRACKING_ID'] = false; Javascript replace the tracking id with what you find in the admin section at https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/provision/?authuser=0#/provision/create This is just my preferable recommendation can't force you to do so. I am just please asking for it. And as always Farmer George is my dad and have a happy day.
  8. [LF] Kerry

    I got belted for Christmas. Stupid mistakes man.
  9. [LF] Kerry

    Wouldn't mind nvids back tbh kids are just bad and cant aim so they complain
  10. [LF] Kerry

    Just because something is popular doesn't make it overpowered. Why don't we remove Mk 1's Since there popular (Don't) I don't understand your point
  11. [LF] Kerry

    What is the point of removing Striders. All cops have 7.62 5.56 6.5mm Rifles/SMG So why is it any different if Rebel/Cartels have Striders. It's not hard for even normal Civilian's to kill them with a 40/50k gun to destroy a 900k'ish Vehicle. The windows can be shot through U can spike strip and shoot out the tires so how is it overpowered. Bring it back or give me an explanation of why it won't be back.
  12. [LF] Kerry

    @Ice Poseidon someone stole my shekels
  13. [LF] Kerry

  14. Very true, I had the same thought that you just said. Just because the server main city has been moved from Sydney to Brisbane won't necessarily have an impact on the server growth. New players won't even know of "Old Sydney" Well said about the Exams Connor. I'm not saying I don't like Sydney I loved it but I think it is time for the server to move on and people get used to new stuff. Connor has been working hard on updates for the better good of the community I think people will get used to the new server and after the exams are over it will go back up.
  15. [LF] Kerry

    Pumpkin Eater