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  1. Red

    Evening All, As you may have noticed over the past couple of months, we have received a lot of donations. We are extremely grateful for this and cannot begin to thank you all enough. We are now well on our way to fulfilling one of our dreams - purchasing our very own physical server! This is where we need your help. We are looking to raise a further $2000 towards this goal by June 30th. All donations will count towards this goal. The server we are looking at purchasing will house a single Xeon E-2288G, an 8C/16T processor running at 3.7GHz (Boost to 5.0GHz). This processor is significantly faster than the 7700k’s that it will be replacing. As such, we should see greater performance for existing services and may allow additional room for expansion and community servers. Once we have purchased the new server we can drop 2 of our existing monthly dedicated servers, reducing our monthly running costs significantly. The money saved from dropped servers will be reinvested into the community over time. All members who contribute to this donation goal will receive a Special Edition IAward on the forums. If the goal of $2000 is reached by June 30th, all contributors will also receive a commemorative Discord rank. In addition to this, we will be offering the following giveaway, dependent on the money raised, to all members who have contributed towards this donation goal: If we reach $500 towards this goal by June 30th: If we reach $1000 towards this goal by June 30th: If we reach $1500 towards this goal by June 30th: If we reach $2000 towards this goal by June 30th: Further rules and information will be released closer to the end of June. Entries into the Giveaway will be given as follows: Total Donations: $10 to $49.99: 1 Entry $50 to $99.99: 2 Entries $100 & over: 2 Entries (You may pass on your reward(s) to someone of your choice) AND 1 Entry to win extra Discord Nitro*
  2. Red

  3. Red

    We can only do so much to change the meta though, there is a certain onus on the players to not do the things that are boring, and to find new, fun, and entertaining ways to play the game. Almost all meta altering changes are met by autistic screeching... I lowered gem proficiencies a while ago and all the rebel gangs lost their shit because they couldn't make max cash in a few hours anymore.
  4. Red

    Then do something different, this is a roleplaying game. We can only do so much to spice things up, the rest is up to you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing_game You can't do the same thing over and over again expecting everyone to enjoy it forever
  5. Red

    Thanks to some generous donations from @Bang1324 we have the opportunity to upgrade our hardware to the newest generation gear! All services will be moving from i7 6700k's to i7 7700k's, and from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2019. (I'm on the hunt for some i9 9900k servers as well, but the pickings are slim in Australia) We have received some competitive pricing from a new provider, I'm going to trial them until our yearly lease is up for the current servers; towards the end of this month. I'm moving CQC over at the moment, Wasteland and I&A 2 (Tanoa) will join shortly after. To properly test out the new hardware I would really like to have a large number of players on one of the servers for an event. I've requested the I&A team setup a fun event for one of the Tanoa T-Days, so it will be good to see a lot of people there. There might be some steam gift cards for the best players on the day. Once the testing is done I will need to decide on which provider to go with and when we do the final move. The server with Altis Life and Invade and Annex is our primary server, it is a massive pain to move everything cleanly so there will probably be an extended outage for all services reliant on that server.
  6. Red

    The only big gang I didn't end up hating.
  7. Red

    You will forever be in my hearts.
  8. Red

    That poor poll, you killed him. :[
  9. Red

    That was 2 months worth of donations unfortunately, we forgot to roll the month over for the donation goals. These are the donation goals, you can see than there isn't a goal starting 01/01 and ending 01/02
  10. Red

    I don't really have the time to respond to this properly, and in-depth, but I can briefly explain some tidbits. The money that comes into the community goes mostly back into running costs, anything extra is saved up for giveaways or paying for development. Unfortunately there isn't enough coming in to pay for a competent developer full-time, not to mention that they are also extremely rare. Arma3 is an old game and our mission is very complex compared to your average Altis Life server, it takes longer to understand how it works, it takes more effort to write code that is up to scratch, and it takes even longer to find someone we can trust. We have tried getting other Developers to assist us, after going through several we have failed to find anyone that has more than the ability to plagarise or write a really basic script. With Connor gone development will be slow, and there are currently issues on-going internally I am trying to deal with. We are trying to get things back on track, i'm sorry it is taking a long time, but this really isn't an easy task.
  11. Red

    Update Type: Content Update
  12. Red

    I wasn't happy with the removal of the new fed, I liked it ?
  13. Red

    There is already internal discussion regarding improving the capture zones, we knew they weren't going to be perfect to begin with. Keep providing the constructive feedback!
  14. I haven't banned anyone for agreeing with Frank and i'm not hiding or deleting comments I don't agree with. I've only been providing my opinion of Frank and how he conducts himself. You can just look at the image from Wex of the steam chat, Frank fabricated that in an attempt to manipulate Wex and the other party involved. Pretty self-explanitory, and if you want to tin-foil hat it I can just show you the entry for the message in the database. I haven't said a word about any other server in a negative light, even then, we initially tried working with Frank to assist him until he started actively poaching. We provided assistance to TFO and worked with them to improve the Oceanic Arma3 community before they shut down. We work with OutputGaming on sharing unique bans that are not hacking related. We publicly list our hackers banlist so that others can take advantage of our anticheat. There are countless numbers of communities that have popped up from StrayaGaming community members, every single time we try to assist them however we can. But i'm the crazy tyrant hell-bent on trying to destroy these servers around me. I don't have an issue with Franks server, or his community. I have an issue with him.