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    1. Red

      Update Type: Content Update
    2. Red

      I wasn't happy with the removal of the new fed, I liked it
    3. Red

      There is already internal discussion regarding improving the capture zones, we knew they weren't going to be perfect to begin with. Keep providing the constructive feedback!
    4. I haven't banned anyone for agreeing with Frank and i'm not hiding or deleting comments I don't agree with. I've only been providing my opinion of Frank and how he conducts himself. You can just look at the image from Wex of the steam chat, Frank fabricated that in an attempt to manipulate Wex and the other party involved. Pretty self-explanitory, and if you want to tin-foil hat it I can just show you the entry for the message in the database. I haven't said a word about any other server in a negative light, even then, we initially tried working with Frank to assist him until he started actively poaching. We provided assistance to TFO and worked with them to improve the Oceanic Arma3 community before they shut down. We work with OutputGaming on sharing unique bans that are not hacking related. We publicly list our hackers banlist so that others can take advantage of our anticheat. There are countless numbers of communities that have popped up from StrayaGaming community members, every single time we try to assist them however we can. But i'm the crazy tyrant hell-bent on trying to destroy these servers around me. I don't have an issue with Franks server, or his community. I have an issue with him.
    5. Don't worry, there is no way I would let him come back. This is the second time he has been banned for poaching players to another community (the prior one died off after a month or two I think)
    6. From most recent discussions with him... He has not changed one bit. The blatant lies are still there and he's still trying to manipulate people for personal gain. He's just as much a tool as he was when I banned him.
    7. Red

      Probably because I beat the shit out of staff that do that kind of stuff, i.e the previous Wasteland administration.
    8. Red

      I'll do a 10% discount if you record and upload yourself rapping (With facecam).
    9. Red

      People are still talking shit about Mitch? Mitch is one of only two staff members that have been removed from staff and decided to improve on themselves instead of throwing a fit. He proved to everyone that he is capable of fulfiling the role of a moderator and senior moderator in addition to assisting Augnov in the running of the police force. I really don't know what more you are expecting from him. Saying that he is disliked doesn't really mean anything to me, he listens the opinions and suggestions of other players both on the forums and within teamspeak, he responds appropriately to most issues when he can, he tries assist players with questions they have. There was no 'sucking up' there was only effort, passion, and persistence. Mitch has put in an extreme amount effort to every position he has been placed in, constantly trying to get the most out of the opportunities that are put before him. Your attempt to discredit him and our other staff is appalling, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
    10. Red

      Yeah, I should be dealing with it and I will... But not on a public forum. We have process and policy, if you don't want to follow process and policy, I say tough shit.
    11. Red

      If someone killed you as a Medic and the staff refused to do anything about it, you should probably put in a staff report. Also stop being a salty fuck
    12. This development blog will go more in-depth with some of the changes listed on the Changelog. General Added an automatic lock-up for the federal reserve After the blasting charge has detonated, players will have 40 minutes before the federal reserve will automatically lock up killing all players inside. This time is based off of current estimates, we will look at changing it if needed for the next patch. Civilian Stream Safe House Markers Civilians will be able to hide their house markers and prevent leaking their house locations when recording or live streaming using the Stream Safe UI option found in game settings. Modified the Copper mining gather rolls Copper unrefined 96% -> 93% Gold Nugget 2.5% -> 4% Sapphire Uncut 1% -> 2% Ruby Uncut 0.5% -> 1% Modified the Iron mining gather rolls Iron unrefined 96% -> 93% Gold Nugget 2.1% -> 4% Ruby Uncut 1.5% -> 2% Diamond Uncut 0.4% -> 1% Modified the Treasure Wreck, it now spawns with more gold bars and less gems Sapphire 56-75 -> 10-18 Ruby 37-50 -> 6-13 Diamond 23-30 -> 4-10 Gold Bar 12-15 -> 20-25 Reduced the Hammer and Chisel craft time for gems 5 seconds -> 4 seconds Reduced the cost of the Hammer and Chisel $10,000 -> $8,000 Reduced the price of cut sapphires $20,000 -> $18,000 Increased the price of cut rubies $24,000 -> $28,000 Reduced the price of cut diamonds $42,500 -> $40,000 Fixed the retrieval price of the Hellcat $250,000 -> $25,000 Added additional rare drops to the random air drops There is a 5% chance for an airdrop to contain a Tier 4 weapon (and ammo), each weapon has a different weighting on the rare drop table. Formatted as ‘Gun Name (Extra Ammo)’ MXSW (7) 25% MAR10 (4) 10% Cyrus (5) 15% LIM (4) 25% Mk200 (3) 25% Rebel Removed the check for police numbers when interacting with the Federal Reserve vault Rebels will now be able to loot the vault once it has been opened regardless of the number of online police officers. The Rebel KOS store has been enabled again with some restrictions The store will randomly open during the normal event rotation, assuming there are at least 40 civilians online. Civilians will receive a warning that the store will open in 30 minutes, The store will open after 30 minutes and remain open for another 30 minutes. There will only be tier 4 rebel weapons, ammunition, and scopes in the store LIM-85 5.56 mm Mk200 6.5 mm Cyrus 9.3 mm (Tan) MAR-10 .338 (Sand) ASP-1 Kir 12.7 mm (Tan) Modified the KOS store Weapons: MXSW Removed Navid Removed SPMG Removed GM6 Lynx Removed M320 LRR Removed Zafir Removed MAR-10 $700,000 -> $1,200,000 Cyrus $650,000 -> $900,000 LIM $375,000 -> $300,000 Mk200 $450,000 -> $400,000 ASP-1 Kir $700,000 Ammunition: 10Rnd 12.7mm Magazine $2,500 -> $13,000 10Rnd .338mm Magazine $2,000 -> $22,000 10Rnd 9.3mm Magazine $3,500 -> $18,000 200Rnd 5.56mm Magazine $4,500 -> $10,000 200Rnd 6.5mm Magazine $12,500 Medic Increased the paycheck for medics $1,750 -> $2,000 Increased the hospital heal fee $100 -> $500 Police Modified weapon prices Mk-I EMR $75,000 -> $85,000 LIM $250,000 -> $150,000 Mk200 $350,000 -> $250,000 Zafir $450,000 -> $800,000 RPG-7 $1,000,000 -> $2,000,000 M320 LRR $750,000 -> $1,500,000 GM6 Lynx $950,000 -> $2,000,000 SPAR-16S $60,000 -> $120,000 Modified ammunition prices 30Rnd 6.5mm Magazines $200 -> $650 30Rnd 7.62mm Magazines $350 -> $1250 20Rnd 7.62mm Magazines $350 -> $1100 10Rnd 338mm Magazines $2,000 -> $4000 7Rnd 408mm Magazines $4,500 -> $12,000 5Rnd 12.7mm Magazines $5,000 -> $30,000 100Rnd 6.5mm Magazines $500 -> $1,400 150Rnd 5.56mm Magazines $500 -> $1,250 150Rnd 5.56mm Magazines $350 -> $1,100 200Rnd 5.56mm Magazines $750 -> $1,500 200Rnd 6.5mm Magazines $750 -> $2,000 150Rnd 7.62mm Magazines $750 -> $10000 RPG Rockets $7,500 -> $25,000 Increased the prices of explosives Explosive Charge $7,500 -> $15,000 Explosive Satchel $15,000 -> $30,000 Increased the paycheck for police $1,500 -> $1,750 Removed some T5 weapons from the Police General Duties store Removed Type 115 50BW magazine. Added MX to SRT Level 1 Store Added MXM to SRT Level 1 Store Added Type 115 to SRT Level 1 Store Added Spar-16 to SRT Level 1 Store Added Spar-16S to SRT Level 1 Store Multiple fixes to magazines not present in store Moved SRT Blacks to SRT Level 5 from 4 Moved SRT Greys to SRT Level 1 from 2 Added Civilian Black Quilin to Detective Level 1 Added WASP Hummingbird to Detective Level 1 Added Brown NVG to Detective Level 1 Added Tear Gas Grenade to Inspector Added Tear Gas Grenade to SRT Level 2
    13. Red

      The fuck do you think the polls, discussions on TS and discord, or the suggestions threads are for then?
    14. Red

      This list is inaccurate, James is definitely inferior to myself.
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