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  1. AndreJxmZ

  2. AndreJxmZ

    "Ever fought a witcher before? Guess not."
  3. AndreJxmZ

    yes but this server is about roleplay right, so in real life you dont blow up a bank smh
  4. AndreJxmZ

    Cops shouldnt be able to blow up the tower at Altis shipping yard, as if it was a real life sit you cant place bombs around a bank and blow it up...
  5. AndreJxmZ

    Channel Name: Channel 1 News. ID : 101971-andrejxmz
  6. AndreJxmZ

    "Well, bust my buffers!" ?
  7. AndreJxmZ

    Bro were all going to die from the coronavirus by the time the update is out...
  8. AndreJxmZ

    Any Day now...
  9. AndreJxmZ

    It will happen in approximately 1 Year...
  10. AndreJxmZ

    Kinda sad you want to join please stay to "3G"
  11. AndreJxmZ

    Ingame Name -TooBot Hours on Arma3 -1200 Age -14 Short description on your play style - I can Snipe and CQC. I am decent at both thing but better at CQCing. i can play most days - 4-8 hours a day.
  12. AndreJxmZ

    can we role up with guns and shit so we dont like die? give me an aa luncher
  13. Altis Paramedic Service APS Discipline Appeals Have you been Disciplined in the Altis Paramedic Service? Then make sure you use the following template and post a new thread in this section: NAME YOUR POST: "YourName - Discipline Appeal" Name (Found in the roster Database): AndreJxmZ (ToBot) Rank: Pubslot Badge Number (If applicable): Reason for being disciplined? (If unknown, ask a Command Member): Constatly joining medical ts channels to just get moved the say something odd then leave and the come back and do it again Why did you do what you did?: To Be 100% honest, I have no clue I was probably bored and was just being stupid. Why should the discipline be reduced / removed, given what you did? (Min 75 words): I have been blacklisted for a long time now, and I have thought about what I have done. I regret it to this day. It was a stupid thing.At the time of the blacklisting/reson I was blacklisted I shoudnt of join the channel multiple times and effected the people in the channel.I am truely sorry to the people I affected at the time. What can you bring to the APS? (Min 100 words):I can bring role play and communication skills that I have used over the time of me playing in the server.I also can put my lips on another male/females lips and blow air into there lungs, aswell as rip someones t-shirt of if theres a severe worn.I am Capable to do anything. There is always room for learning.
  14. AndreJxmZ

    In my opinion I think he should be unblacklisted,He has done nothing wrong.He was given something he couldn’t of help and then was blacklisted.I think the medics were way to harsh and could of taken this differently.Even tho the situation was on cop/rebel he was still blacklisted. #unblacklistphatt if you agree!!! @Phatballz @iamjack
  15. AndreJxmZ

    I could have gone on floating through space forever.