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  1. TrixARMA

    add money cap back to 250 mill
  2. TrixARMA

  3. TrixARMA

    ACCEPTED come find me ?
  4. TrixARMA

    Thank you for your input sir, but we don’t take suggestions from people that think we lag switch, or hack at gang wars, and we will NEVER accept people that steal gang funds /// DENIED \\\
  5. TrixARMA

    Accepted, come to Chimpmunks Playland on May 10th for the discord
  6. TrixARMA

    Stüssy Recruitment Requirements Be mature No Toxicity Format - Copy, Paste, Fill out and Reply Ingame Name - Hours on Arma3 - Age - Short description on your play style -
  7. TrixARMA

    Rackers CQC Channel ID : 101410-rapid-mason
  8. TrixARMA

    ABF is recruiting
  9. TrixARMA

    Well, bust my buffers!
  10. TrixARMA

    but its saturday, a lot of people will be on, just a idea for staff ?
  11. TrixARMA

    it was a april fools
  12. TrixARMA

  13. TrixARMA

    just shut down server for 15 mins and update, no one will care, like the strider update
  14. TrixARMA

    Not very pog anymore
  15. TrixARMA

    not really fair with a cop zerg of 18 in blackfish