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  1. TrixARMA

    cops, nothing but cops, and banning everyone
  2. TrixARMA

  3. TrixARMA

    i mean its 1 roach compared to the 5-7 that cops have
  4. TrixARMA

    So during a bank last night it was a 3v17 but I want to know why the **** did all senior constable+ have mk1s. Also at pretty much 70% of the cop force us roaching, it’s the most annoying thing when you get hit for 30 HP every 2 seconds, something has to change
  5. TrixARMA

    cant wait for your 20 gangs
  6. TrixARMA

    ring ring old command / cabinet team
  7. TrixARMA

    AoW best gang
  8. TrixARMA

    the tunnels will be pretty good, using this will utilise flashlights to blind the NVG
  9. TrixARMA

  10. TrixARMA

    I need a goddamn medic!
  11. TrixARMA

    add money cap back to 250 mill
  12. TrixARMA

  13. TrixARMA

    ACCEPTED come find me ?
  14. TrixARMA

    Thank you for your input sir, but we don’t take suggestions from people that think we lag switch, or hack at gang wars, and we will NEVER accept people that steal gang funds /// DENIED \\\
  15. TrixARMA

    Accepted, come to Chimpmunks Playland on May 10th for the discord