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  2. Whoever edited this tag should be ashamed of themselves.
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    Good man.
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    Good work, nice format as well ?
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    Hey man, Sorry that no one said hello earlier. Hope you enjoy the place ? Much love xo
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    Excel's Penthouse 130-excel
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    wow bro ?
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    Sending love xx

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    Rather just surrender tbh ??
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    Great event idea man, Huge +1 to you. You got my vote for Community Manager hehe ?
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    full miss u nd shit

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      Brother it passed 1 year since it all happened just 3 days ago, missing you more ❤️

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    Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness Thanks for the good giveaway
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    Something I think could help out alot and remove confusion is upon creating a gang aswell as selecting a name for your gang you also select a tag, when a player joins that gang the tag auto applies to them infront of the name, This could also allow gang leaders/founders to pick a colour for there tag so [SP] Excel to [SP] Excel just for a little bit more fun. Regarding this, Server staff could develop certain gang base designs maybe like 3-5 options for gangs to choose from. Some designs may be big bases with many features that would cost more $$$ however there could also be smaller options that cost less $$$, It all comes down to what the gang is interested in. Gang owners can then upgrade/downgrade or even change design of there base for a cost. I feel as If there could be issues with a communal storage so with the ranks in the gang as you mentioned you could do It so the storage is private and everyone is allocated a certain ammount. A gang leader would have more storage space than a member of the gang maybe like that? However when being raided by cops all items would show in the inventory. Thoughts?
  14. Excel

    ah shiet maddest **** out, always did the comp requests at lightning speed ? Hope you're doing well brother!