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  1. Excel

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    Back when FiveM was first gaining popularity a few of us now ex-managers said they should branch in, back then they had the opportunity especially with staff and players but got turned it down. Too late now
  3. Excel

    Visual settings bug

    Pretty much, I changed my car view distance, synced data. Logged out. Logged back in a few hours later found that my distance for in-car was on 100 and my Terrain was Smooth. Didn't think much of it so changed it back. Day or so goes on and now I find that every time I log to the server. My In-Car distance is 100 and terrain is always smooth and I have to change it.
  4. Excel

    Excel's Penthouse 130-excel
  5. Whoever edited this tag should be ashamed of themselves.
  6. Excel

    Good man.
  7. Excel

    Good work, nice format as well ?
  8. Excel

    Hey man, Sorry that no one said hello earlier. Hope you enjoy the place ? Much love xo
  9. Excel

    Excel's Penthouse 130-excel
  10. Excel

    wow bro ?
  11. Excel

    Rather just surrender tbh ??
  12. Excel

    Great event idea man, Huge +1 to you. You got my vote for Community Manager hehe ?
  13. Excel

    Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness Thanks for the good giveaway
  14. Excel

    Something I think could help out alot and remove confusion is upon creating a gang aswell as selecting a name for your gang you also select a tag, when a player joins that gang the tag auto applies to them infront of the name, This could also allow gang leaders/founders to pick a colour for there tag so [SP] Excel to [SP] Excel just for a little bit more fun. Regarding this, Server staff could develop certain gang base designs maybe like 3-5 options for gangs to choose from. Some designs may be big bases with many features that would cost more $$$ however there could also be smaller options that cost less $$$, It all comes down to what the gang is interested in. Gang owners can then upgrade/downgrade or even change design of there base for a cost. I feel as If there could be issues with a communal storage so with the ranks in the gang as you mentioned you could do It so the storage is private and everyone is allocated a certain ammount. A gang leader would have more storage space than a member of the gang maybe like that? However when being raided by cops all items would show in the inventory. Thoughts?