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    1. Slep.

      May I add that the majority of those donations originated from Invade and Annex, which keep your server up and running. So naturally (idk what they actually do with it tho) that excess money should go into Invade and Annex, the server that those players donated for...
    2. Slep.

      Still no reason to necro an old topic eh? Thread Locked.
    3. Slep.

      Actually believe it or not - We do tell you that we collect data for analytical purposes. All information you may want to know about how we use data that is collected is in our Privacy Policy. https://strayagaming.com.au/policies/privacy-policy/ Its up to you if you want to have an addon that blocks Google Analytics.
    4. Slep.

      I'm pretty sure a point of the recent updates to AL was to change the meta from Striders and machine guns to something else that's not consistently bland as @DaCrazyAsian said.
    5. Slep.

      I tell the dude don't shoot the medic *shoots the medic*
    6. Slep.

      Hearts and minds all over the floor.
    7. Slep.

      Thanks for teaching all levels of staff what to do when and where. You've set the standard for future Staff Managers high, which I don't think any replacement for you would match your level of skill in the area. Good luck to whatever aspirations you have @Nevetos, live well and keep at it with those spreadsheets
    8. Slep.

      Tbh looks alot better
    9. Slep.

      The ranch to the south
    10. Slep.

      Rise early, work hard, strike oil
    11. Slep.

      Do you believe you are free?
    12. Slep.

      Well Roleplay - Its there for a reason. Other servers seem to be able to do it, don't know why we cant... Instead of this game of pointing fingers, why not just go into some good roleplay, since the Altis Life is a Role Playing Game. It is possible. If your arrested by an officer, do some proper good roleplay, same goes for the aforementioned officer. Civilians should not be making it difficult for cops to roleplay, and vice verca for all other factions. If, for once people would do this, and use the rules as a guideline to their roleplay, we wouldn't have an issue. There are many debates over getting a Officer's name and badge number, That they wear badges or not. This causes this issue as currently its extremely vague if officers are even meant to have badges on, it needs to be clearly stated in either police SOP's or Rules that either: 1. Cops do not carry badges (its optional) - or - 2. Cops do carry badges at all times unless undercover. The same goes for using the speed radar to get the name of civilians and check the wanted list. That should not be happening. (In reality it should show the numberplate, speed and vehicle type - not player name). Police shouldn't always be able to catch the criminal via a traffic stop. To solve the current set of issues, the best way forwards is to roleplay, not point fingers at who is the boogeyman of the debate. EDIT: Also as Red said, If people break rules, report them. Staff do take action, all you have to do is ask.
    13. Slep.

      @Matsozetex - I don't really want to remove the BattlEye anticheat from the mix. Yes it can be annoying, but I think the idea of someone being able to corrupt the Antistasi Database at a whim would make me want to keep it there. I know we have trusted players, but that doesn't mean that they wont cheat. @Zombine45 - I've already been alerted to this over multiple DM's and I'm working with some other staff members to create a viable solution. (Maybe it would be a good idea to reintroduce stamina to prevent this?) If anyone else has any concerns please feel free to DM me.
    14. Slep.

      I've said it time and time again. Antistasi is based off trust and respect. I shouldn't have to say this, but if you don't own a vehicle, even as commander, do not use it without the owners prior permission. I know that some vehicles may be useful for certain situations, but that doesn't mean you ignore the fact that the vehicle is owned by someone else.
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