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    1. Fusionable

      @Martynnnnnnn obviously just trying to boost his post count
    2. Fusionable

      @silentkiller please expand on “but add more”, add more what? And yes obviously protocols would correspond but that is already the case anyway a senior sergeant+ or detective/srt may not be involved in rebel activities, either way that is besides the point kind of gearing off the main point of gang bases here.
    3. Fusionable

      @Wex this is a seriously thought out, I highly appreciate the time you have taken to write a suggestion and put forward these ideas. This is something that I will be carrying forward to Altis Life staff and development, obviously some tweaking would be needed in particular areas to suit what our team has available and what the server can offer. I can greatly see this in action and hopefully we can continue to build off this idea and possibly see it in game. However with all things there is time, please continue to add to this suggestion and utilise these threads because they are noticed and we request your feedback to greater your experience on the server. @Excel your additions are also very notiable and likewise I thank you for contributing. If there were a couple things I could add to this discussion in my opinion; - When cops raid the vault they would recieve about 75% of the vault and it would be divised between the cops online. - Each gang base would only recieve a portion of rebel, cartel and contractor stores applicable to the base size. - I love the gang design idea Excel proposed, these gang bases could be designed by both staff and community members and would have a range of higher class bases and lower class. Higher would correspond with a larger vault and storage capacity, access to more clothes from each store and a more fortified base and vice versa for the lower classes bases. - When you are in the in-game gang a certain percentage of your pay check goes to the gang base vault. (An addition to this could also be a drug dealer takeover or maybe an illegal dealer takeover which when taken over, civilians would lose a 10% cut off there selling price and that cut would be transferred to the gang vault that has taken the dealer.) - Some aspects of the terms and conditions could be monitored out of game by staff because it would be unnecessary development eg. 50 hours combined, this wold probably be determined out of game. Kind regards,
    4. Fusionable

      This is pathetic, @Daywalker I have to agree with you partially mate. Yes we are aware that at the moment there is some fluctuation between both rebel and cop whether it is considered a “major isssue” is another thing. Fluctuation is a key part to the server and it has happened for the past 3+ years, rebels have had highs, cops have had highs and both have had dramatic lows. But this is quite forwardly just stupid and immature, if you want something changed, don’t like something that is currently in the server or have a reasonable suggestion for an addition than nothing is holding you back. But seriously if your talking shit because cops didn’t respond to a couple of banks, or rebels have 2x numbers and only hit banks late at night, than so be it, if you don’t like it don’t play at those particular hours, OR, you could give a reasonable suggestion to how this could be fixed rather than turning a simple GAME into a whiny, shit talking group. Altis life staff are here to listen, here to receive feedback and here to better your experience on the server so if you have something constructive and productive to say then say it.This is a game people are here to have fun, some people take it more serious than others, but at the end of the day we are all here to have fun whether your a rebel, cop or a bloody medic. I think I’m speaking for the most of us here we are sick and tired of it. Banter is one thing but shit talking is another, I’m not going to stop you from shit talking, I’m not going to restrict you from shit talking, but seriously grow up, shut up and play the game.
    5. Fusionable

      Accepted Teamspeak channel created.
    6. Fusionable

      //Denied Failed to meet gang requirements.
    7. Fusionable

      //Denied Disbanded, insufficient time of response.
    8. Fusionable

      //Denied Disbanded, insufficient time of response.
    9. Fusionable

      //Denied Requested for the gang to not follow through.
    10. Fusionable

      Pending Please come speak to myself in Teamspeak (ts.straya.life) for more information regarding your gang applicatio
    11. Fusionable

      Pending Please come speak to myself in Teamspeak (ts.straya.life) for more information regarding your gang applicatio
    12. Fusionable

      //Denied Failed to speak to me regarding your application.
    13. Fusionable

      //Denied Failed to speak to me regarding your application.
    14. Fusionable

      //Denied Failed to speak to me regarding your application.
    15. Fusionable

      //Denied Failed to speak to me regarding your application.
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