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  1. Ash_

    // ACCEPTED @PC. Welcome to the APD! As a Probationary Constable you will be placed on a 1 week probation period in which you must use your taser rifle. Any breach of protocols will result in a removal from the APD. 09/03/2021 It may take up to 48 hours to be whitelisted to your new rank on Altis Life. Superintendent - Ash
  2. Ash_

    Tempered Steel - 1 Iron, 1 Copper Hardened Steel - 1 Tempered Steel, 1 Charcoal, 1 Oil (Processed) Aluminium Alloy - 2x aluminium, 1x magnesium, 1x silicon at chemical processing (you’ll need the license)
  3. Ash_

    Could you please make one more change where the Admin commands appear in the server-side chat, its a setting for ark servers.
  4. Ash_

    ARK NEEDS AN ADJUSTMENT TO MATCH THE STANDARD OF UNOFFICIAL SERVERS Rate comparison from official to SG's Rates Official Main Servers (1x) Official Small Tribes Servers (2.5x) Official Apocolypse Servers (3x) StrayaGaming (2x) With the difference of rates being less than official, you might as well play official servers as its an easier build-up, fewer restrictions on PVP & less Admin abuse. Remove the offline raid protection, leave it as increased damage from turrets and decreased structure damage if someone is offline Enable dinos to carry enemy players Allow people to change gama Increase rates so it’s respective to an actual unofficial server, eg: 4x XP, taming breeding and gathering. (Might as well play official servers as it’s lower rates than Small Tribes & Apocolypse) Make restart have a wild dino wipe to increase server performance and reset the dino spawns Allow Bases to be discussed in Discord or wherever the rule limits location being shared Reduce mating intervals so it matches with unofficial servers Stuff to consider for the future: Strayagaming had the most populated Crystal isle server for 8 hours and during that time it went low as 3 people on the server, Crystal isle for unofficial is one of the least popular map The appeal of an unofficial server is that it’s easier to build up, much more relaxed and there is a quick admin response time, so why is there official rates & Drops. Change the server name to match other popular servers as most people will not join if it's not outlined eg “Strayagaming Boosted Rates Crystal Isles PVP” 70% of people who play unofficial play Ragnarok
  5. Ash_

    uhm AoW best gang
  6. Ash_

    Identification: - Name: Ash In-Game rank and Callsign: L06W Ash Age: NA Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join as an Aviation Officer? (Minimum 50 words): I would like to become an Aviation Trainer I would like to become an Aviation trainer as I have had prior experience as being an aviation trainer and would like to get back my rank within Academy Aviation. I would like to also continue on getting the most Aviation training even though you have wiped my history. What do you hope to achieve in as an aviation officer? (Minimum 30 words): I would like to become an Aviation Trainer During my time as an aviation officer, I will achieve the most LVL 1 trainings compared to all my competitors, destroying them one by one. I also aim to help imporve the quality of trainers within aviation What can you bring into the Aviation Team? (Minimum 50 words): I would like to bring my Aviation Trainer experience. I can bring my prior experience of being a senior aviation trainer into the new team of academy aviation trainers, I can pass my wisdom and experience to other trainers with the academy team. I can also bring my blackfish pilot skills into academy polair and train people who can't fly the aircraft unrecorded. How much experience with aviation do you have? (In and out of game): I would like to become an Aviation Trainer Have you ever been kicked/banned/watchlisted on StrayaGaming? (If so explain): No but i would like to become an Aviation Trainer Have you ever been the subject of any Disciplinary Action within the APD?: YES but I would like to become an Aviation Trainer  Conclusion: - Recommendations? (Not required): LM ex polair commander but I would like to become an Aviation Trainer Any recommendations from other officers? (If so list them): DDR loves my flying skills but I would like to become an Aviation Trainer Anything else you wish to tell us?: I WOULD LIKE TO BECOME AN AVIATION TRAINER Have you read the Altis Police Department PolAir Protocols?: (Y/N) Y
  7. Ash_

    @Lukasaurus Detectives have been investigating the production of drugs and transport of illegal goods, however it’s hard to find players in Altis as it’s such a large map, we also sometimes get stuck responding to never ending major robberies. Another major factor is the tools we used in the past have had an increase in price and makes it much harder to find what runs civilians are conducting.
  8. Ash_

  9. Ash_

    I need a goddamn medic!
  10. Ash_

    Might have to visit wasteland again
  11. Ash_

    @FedoraTheExplora Need to show CIU some love
  12. Ash_

    What about CIU
  13. Ash_

    +1 Cheaper EPI pens
  14. Ash_

    "The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."
  15. Ash_

    Cop drug shipment

    Cops cant loot drug shipment as we seize all eligal items we pick up, so we cant loot the drugs properly. https://gyazo.com/307d8c811d0879a34677c68e87d1f4b8 We also cant loot Virus USB https://gyazo.com/248ccb2af7891c4c7bbf3cab08ec27b0