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    1. Kmart and Coles

      I personally didn't mind how the server was set up before the wipe. Just no navids. Brisbane bank was fun, shady westy was amazing, crafting on rebel was good and looked better IMO, gang bases actually gave good shit to the people who owned it and made it worth buying or fighting for. Server was always popping with 70 civs as its average daily number and there was a good cop to civ ratio most of the time. Hope this update improves things and adds good shit.
    2. Kmart and Coles

      SRT doesn't need to be there 24/7 to hold GD's hand. We aren't always on ops and a lot of the times we can't go on ops for reasons such as not enough GD being on, or GD is losing control over Sydney, as Toby stated. "I'm simply stating a visible divide between some divisional officers and the police force as a whole which is exacerbated by the way divisions are setup" - as for this statement, we are called divisions for a reason. We are a separate branch of the APD that deals with shit GD aren't equipped to do. SRT officers are on GD when they need to be, I don't see any issue there.
    3. Kmart and Coles

      Bring back Highway Division
    4. Kmart and Coles

      Sergeant Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not in-titled to Sergeant and can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your application, if you do it will be hidden. Name: Kmart Callsign: [K10W] Training Completed By: Cougs List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Unarmed Black Man, Raven, NotAustraliaDay, Fegget, Brand X mag, Beau, Juan Man Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I feel that I deserve a promotion to Sergeant for the following reasons. Firstly, I have been really active within the APD, doing my best to help both GD and SRT. Secondly, I have past experience being a Senior Sergeant so I know the powers and responsibilities that a Sergeant has. Thirdly, I have done my best in inducting new recruits into the APD, not just by reading the document but by giving them my experiences as cop, and trying my best to give them good advice. Fourthly, back when I was a Sergeant I was always willing to go out of my way to add charges for officers processing, and I still have that desire to help my officers. Lastly, I would like to become more of a role model to lower ranking officers as I am a very approachable person and will always assist someone if they need help. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Anyone who would like to leave a like
    5. Kmart and Coles

      "We need to land this missile in the ocean"
    6. Kmart and Coles

      AL ez win
    7. Kmart and Coles

      Yeah that was me who killed ya, I was so confused cause you just disappeared in front of me and it said I apparently killed you lol
    8. Kmart and Coles

      New year new me
    9. Kmart and Coles

      Thank you so much staff for the new update, looks great already
    10. Kmart and Coles

      The server went through a giant wipe not too long ago, things are still being planned and put into place and staff are getting feedback from us as to what we want in the future, such as better capture points and crafting. Theres no need to criticize a server that is being developed just to get some attention on the forums.
    11. Kmart and Coles

      Gonna miss you man, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met and you made my time on Straya really fun and you’ve impacted a lot of people in this community. Best of luck with your future dude
    12. Kmart and Coles

      I really like the new Westpac, although it is a bit of a drive for us cops, it’s still much better than the old one in my opinion. It’s more CQC than just people camping shady towers and people sniping. I’ve played this bank as both a cop and rebel. As a rebel it’s a really fun bank to defend and as a cop it’s great to attack and push through a town. It is getting bland very quickly though, I would love to see more banks being implemented. Maybe a Sydney bank again, and a bank in or near Melbourne or Brisbane. And another suggestion that has been brought up a lot, a vault where all seized weapons and equipment go so that gangs and civilians can rob it for gear.
    13. Kmart and Coles

      +1 great leader when taking CO and would make a great Sergeant
    14. Kmart and Coles

      Spotlight A great game I know which would work really well for an event would be a game called 'Spotlight'. This is a game where you have one or a set number of 'seekers' who have flashlights on their guns to try and find the 'hiders'. The Moderators or Administrators running the event will choose someone or a group of people to be the seekers. I would recommend two people to be seekers, everyone else will be hiders. Players will be teleported to an area, this could be a town or maybe old rebel island ect. Boundaries will be drawn on the map and if you leave the area you'll get one warning to return and if they don't they get killed by a Mod or an Admin. Gear Seekers Seekers will have any clothing of their choice or clothing that a Mod will assign them plus a high vis vest on so hiders can easily spot them. Seekers will have a gun, maybe a PDW or Protector with a RCO plus a flashlight. Seekers must NOT have night vision goggles on and this will be the Moderator's responsibility to make sure no one is bringing any gear in which is not allowed or will give them an unfair advantage, this can easily be done by a Mod killing the player and then assigning them gear from a crate. Once the seekers have their clothing and gun ready then they will wait until a Mod or Admin tells them the game has started. Hiders Hiders can wear any clothing of their choice but they must NOT have any vest or helmet on. Whether or not they have night vision goggles will be up to the Mod running the event. Hiders will NOT have a weapon on them but they can have the basics such as food and water. They must NOT have anything on them that can harm other players, spike strips, guns ect. What will happen Once both hiders and seekers have gear sorted out and are ready to go, there will be a timer for hiders to go hide. The timer will be set for 5 or 10 minutes to give hiders a good amount of time to go and find a hiding spot. Once the timer has run out the seekers will be released into the marked area where the hiders are hiding. When it comes to what will happen when seekers find the hiders can be one of two options, either they must kill the hiders, or once they spot the hider they must call out to them they are found. When they call out they must state what the hider is wearing and must state the spot they see the hider hiding, this is too prevent seekers from baiting hiders to come out by just yelling out randomly that they have found someone. Once they spot the hider and they have come out, seekers will put the hider in zipties and take them back to a designated 'Prison'. Where the captured hider must sit until the game is over. Other hiders can come and break out their friend by running into the prison and tapping the captured hider or hiders. Once they are tapped all hiders that were captured can go back into the game and hide. This why 2 or maybe 3 seekers would be good because then 2 seekers can go out and find hiders, and 1 seeker can guard the prison. If the prison guard sees someone trying to get to the prison to break out their friends, the prison guard may shoot the hider attempting to break out prisoners. Time Limit The game will have a 20 or 30 minute limit and can end quicker if the seekers find all the hiders. Another option is too break up the players into maybe 3 or 2 different groups. One group could go to a town and the other group could go some place like old rebel island. Each group would have a Mod or Admin controlling the game. Would be great to see this game used for an event and thanks for asking for our suggestions and ideas
    15. Kmart and Coles

      Problem when buying vehicle

      It appears that when I go to buy vehicles from the air shop or any store then the night vision goggles are active, even when I don't have them on it does this. Evidence- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565414933
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